White Arsonist Destroys Mosque in Joplin, Missouri

Like I said...Amerikkka the beautiful.


  1. Love the title on this post, so many news outlets are so fucking unwilling to admit there is/has always been a trend of racist white males committing massive acts of terrorist hate crimes.

    Call a spade a spade and talk to your boys, white people. But then, America would have to admit it's still racist, in the first place... Whompwhomp.

    I hope they catch this person, but I don't hold out hops, unfortunately. People protect their own.

    1. Someone at the bar asked why the FBI need help when they have a clear shot of his face and facial recognition software. She said had this been a pixel of the left earlobe of a black man, he'd be in custody by now.

    2. Good question.That picture of the the man is so clear that its not funny. The excuses and cover ups for this man got to go

    3. Which is exactly what this is. It's a delay tactic. The FBI will wait for "help" from the community, knowing good and well this man's long gone. Then they'll haplessly shrug their shoulders and act like they don't know what to do next.

    4. *kmt* I've seen them nab culprits with blurrier images. This is just a few notches from being a glamour shot, compared to most camera captures.

    5. Especially since white people keep claiming whites are easy to tell apart given their unique looks. In contrast to PoC, who all look the same, a mark of our inferiority they claim.

    6. It's really sad what's going on here. I don't understand why all the hate. The most disappointing since both these tragedies happened is the careless comments I heard from black co workers. Stating that at least it wasn't a black church & then another stating it's about time they pick on other races besides black. I was dumb founded, all I could do to reply back was to say hate is hate no matter what race or religion you are.


  2. Obviously, terrorists are born, raised and nurtured in America. Perhaps people won't be surprised the next time someone blows up something big. "Whites" are classy, aren't they? **sarcasm reigns**

  3. Just googled this to see if there were any updates. The last news post was 5 days ago, cause of fire 'unknown'.

    ""Most of the frustration has to do with the fact that it has been attacked many times before, and every time there hasn't been much response by police to keep the building safe," Syed said."

    They did mention that support funds exceeded the asked amount :) but you have to wonder with all the fear mongering the reason for the news to mention that. Are they making us complacent? Or giving themselves a pat on the back? I bet if we looked into those donations, they will be from other brown people.


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