Cherokee Nation Denounces Scott Brown

As usual, the Narrative stands in solidarity with our Native American kinfolk.

Now, before we begin, I don't appreciate pretendianism.  I think it's an utterly despicable practice.  For folks outside North America, a "pretendian" is a (typically white) non-Native American person who pretends to be of Native American descent. This ancestral claim often comes with vague descriptors like "part" (as in, "I am 'part' such-an-such) or ludicrous fractions like "one-sixteenth".  These people have never stepped on a reservation, know nothing about Native American struggles, and are not affected by them as they often shielded by white privilege.  And the tribe most often claimed, ironically, are the Cherokee.

Thus, it is more than fitting that the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation himself denounced Senator Scott Brown's staffers who thought it was mature and socially productive to do this:

See what our Native siblings have to deal with?  From Principal Chief Bill John Baker:
“The Cherokee Nation is disappointed in and denounces the disrespectful actions of staffers and supporters of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. The conduct of these individuals goes far beyond what is appropriate and proper in political discourse. The use of stereotypical ‘war whoop chants’ and ‘tomahawk chops’ are offensive and downright racist. The individuals involved in this unfortunate incident are high ranking staffers in both the senate office and the Brown campaign. A campaign that would allow and condone such offensive and racist behavior must be called to task for their actions.”

“The Cherokee Nation is a modern, productive society, and I am blessed to be their chief. I will not be silent when individuals mock and insult our people and our great nation. We need individuals in the United States Senate who respect Native Americans and have an understanding of tribal issues. For that reason, I call upon Sen. Brown to apologize for the offensive actions of his staff and their uneducated, unenlightened and racist portrayal of native peoples.”
Just when you think your opinion of Republicans in this country can't get any lower, something like this always comes along.  As Chris Rock would say, "That train ain't neva been late."

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  1. I stopped watching at 23 seconds in. Idiots.

    Sen Brown may "apologize," but it will be a toilet paper apology. You know, the one that's valuable enough to wipe your ass with.

  2. I see people doing that thing where they go "ooooh" and make shopping motions with their arms at baseball games.. I've never liked it or known what it is... What is it?

    1. Sorry, *chopping. Should have proofread my post.

    2. Unless you're referring to mock tomahawk chopping (perhaps because many teams appropriate tribe names) I am not sure.

  3. The pattern I've seen is that politicians tend not to address these incidents at all. I don't expect to hear a peep from Brown.

    1. I don't either.

      As long as you're a person of color they will not do it, at least sincerely. I have heard many people say this over and over again,but I'm glad that Obama became the president of the USA..to get to see how racist it really is.

      This may be a little off the topic,but I was happy to see that those geisha inspired lingerie was pulled from Victoria Secret. I'm also glad that Racialicious commented about it. Did they real think that Asian people are naive?( www.insideedition.com/headlines/5105-victorias-secret-pulls-geisha-inspired-lingerie)

  4. Unfortunately, Brown will probably distance himself from the acts of the staffers and play ignorant. Loved the official response from Mr. Baker. Hopefully the staffers will eventually become educated on Native history otherwise they will still walk around like ignorant tools.

    1. Fat lot of good that will do him. His issued a "warning" to his staff and says he "regrets" their behavior, but already a new video is out showing that he was perfectly comfy with said behavior before during one of his fundraisers.

      Mm-hm. Toilet paper apology indeed.

      You want to make fun of a pretendian, sure...go ahead. But I don't see why you have to do it at the expense of Native Americans.


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