Dreamcasting & Writing Challenge #5

This submission comes from Kitty.

Paris in Springtime

This is a story about Lily, a young woman who takes on the impossible and travels to Paris to live the life she cant find in America. She dreams of love and of being equal to the people around her and not just a girl to be called to and fro to work the days away at the beck and call of those who have no respect for her.  She is a strong and confident young women whose passion for life is exuberant and catchy.

In Paris, she meets Shinji Tanaka, a wealthy and prominent businessman.  Shinji lives the life of a bachelor and is notoriously known for not falling in love with even the most beautiful  of women.  When he meets Lily however, her enthusiasm and zest for life, draw him to her.  Jin is Shinji Tanaka's manservant and he has also fallen in love with the new addition to their household. Jin might turn out to be Shinji's biggest obstacle in earning the love of Lily. In the end will servant step aside for master, or will the servant rise and overcome and stake a claim to what he wants?

Brandy Norwood as Lily LaRue

Daniel Henney as Shinji Tanaka

...and Rain as Jin

Kitty has also tackled some Blasian fanfiction for you diehard hardcore H.A.M. Raizo/Mika shippers.  

I am so encouraged by the dreamcasting submissions we're receiveing.  Please, members of the Narrative, keep 'em coming.  Don't hold back, don't be shy, and don't be intimidated.  Remember, if you've got a story to tell, no one else will tell it better than you.


  1. Hmm.. I don't know both men are fione! It would be hard to choose. Hey Kitty, do you have anymore Raizo/Mika fiction?

    1. Hello Ms Kitty here! and yes i am working on more mika /raizo fan fiction If you guys like the M/R stories let me know and ill post more

    2. Oh definitely...That's how I found the Narrative couple years back because I was looking for Mika/Raizo fiction. LOL

  2. Oh my...miss kitty has some great taste when it comes to choosing the characters for her story.I'm already imaging myself being in it.

  3. Wonderful! I also love the name miss kitty! lol

  4. Step back, Shinji... Jin is the man. Historical romances can be quite intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in this story.

  5. hi I have a question...
    where can I read these fanfic/novel??
    I love reading! and its so hard to find ambw writings
    I have been silet reader for this blog for few month Im so happy i found this place I thought i was the only black girl interested in asian culture ^_^


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