Dreamcasting & Writing Submission #4

This submission comes from the marvelous Meanie, who I have officially made my play cousin. This is a science-fiction fantasy story set 4000 years into the future.  I love ideas like this, because anything goes! Meanie's epic is simply...epic.

Panurion: The Kelyn Wars

Ego Selarh is a calculating man and a willful captain.  He considers the type of work he and his ship’s crew does, “Cargoing.”  It’s an old term but still relevant today because space has become the new frontier.  He commands the space vessel The Grim Charity with a crew of five.

You can make a lot of money going to port planets and legally carrying cargo such as Fraun Milk from the planet Sedna or Green Ban Wood from Kepler.   Illegally, the back lanes are used for more dangerous cargo such as Fire Brandy or unauthorized weapons; such items make the back lanes tricky, for they are frequented by pirates, mercenaries, refugees, and other cargoing ships which make ship-jackings common.  Ego has been the Captain of The Grim Charity for 10 years and knows the back lanes with his eyes closed. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen; a miscalculation in warp jump has the ship being pulled into a planet’s gravitational field in the Messier Galaxy M77.

Panurion is a planet of contradictions.  One side of the planet is lush with blue waters and green vegetation. It is called Aquius and its inhabitants are Ceofens. The other side is dry and packed with brown and red dirt with high mountains. It is called Antorul and its inhabitants are Delkolms.

Panurion’s four moons with their eight hours of rotation and gravitational pull are not only keeping Panurion together, but also destroying it.  Only on the third rotation does Panurion transform into a whole planet, and during this time a never-ending war starts. 

Both Ceofens and Delkolms agree that the core of Panurion, “Kelyn’s Fire,” has been torn from the planet. Both sides are on a quest to find it, but with the ongoing battles and Alien visitors, will anyone survive the “Kelyn Wars?”


Ceofen Government: Kingdom of Celestial Seas

Gina Torres as Queen Amilia

Ken Watanabe as King Amor

Main characters helping to find Kelyn's Fire on the Ceofen side
Oleg Taktarov as Dagger

Keke Palmer as Soei 

Andy Serkis as Wandfoot

Delkolms Government: Kingdom of Golden Sands
Naveen Andrews as King Naju

Characters helping to find Kelyn's Fire on the Delkolm side

Eamonn Walker as Garith Afnar

Hiroyuki Sanada as Cloremel

Marcus Chong as Banjo Lich

Alice Braga as Dreta

Alien Visitors

The Grim Charity, Captain Selarh's vessel

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Captain Ego Selarh

Sonja Sohn as Second in Command Lt. Paris Bodah

Elliot Knight as Engineer/Mechanic Marco Keros

Marama Corlett as Communications Expert Ginger LeFur

Russell Tovey as Medic Sam LeFur 

Riz Ahmed as Cargo/Weapons Handler Tirgeng 


  1. You had me at Gina Torres. Perfection herself.

  2. I know, right? She had me at Ken-Motherfucking-"I bought the airline, it seemed neater"-Watanabe.

    I love the scope of this. Meanie's vision is fantastic.

  3. I love it! The cast is so delicious!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Glad you guys enjoyed it. :)

  5. You had me at the plot followed closely by Chiwetel Ejiofor. *dies* I am very much looking forward to learning about this world and universe you've created.


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