October is Blasian Assassins Month

Hear me out.

Aveline de Grandpre and Ratonhnhakéton a.k.a. Connor Kenway


Native American male and African female assassins.  Nuff said.


They're both mixies (white dads). Ratonhnhakéton has the done-to-death identity crisis plotline and de Grandpre touts herself as the only hope of the enslaved.  Hm.  Why couldn't Ratonhnhakéton be pure Mohawk and de Grandpre pure black African?  Or why couldn't their mothers be the white ones?


You knew there would be some.

To honor Blasian Assassins Month, the Narrative will spend October accepting dreamcasting & writing submissions for the Assassin's Creed universe.  Here are the guidelines.

1) Design a character who's a member of the Assassins Order.  It doesn't matter what time you set their story in, just be creative and descriptive; draft their bio and talk about their clothes and weapons and fighting style.

2) Pick a real life African or Asian or Indigenous or Blasian to portray your character.

3) No romance stories.  Focus on fleshing out your character and making them interesting, not falling in love and making their mission/assignments/whatever all about another person.


  1. This seriously wears a cape of awesome. Too bad I'm not a gamer and have zilcho interest in this. But I look forward to reading the submissions.

    1. Right? I'm not a gamer either, but I like the whole "Assassins Order" thing. I see it in terms of movies and literature, not games.

  2. Um WHAT?!?! WHY don't I know about these games yet? Excuse me while I have to head to Game Spot.

  3. I'm still a bit irritated by the fact that Ubisoft chose a white woman to voice the character of Aveline- especially after they specifically sought out an indigenous voice actor for Connor. I'm a gamer, and the community is just as racist/sexist (at times obnoxiously so) as, well, everything else. So yeah, this stuff matters.

    However, I can't wait to read everyone's stories and casting choices! :)

  4. I wondered if Aveline was voiced by a white chick. *sighs and shakes head*

    And as for the gaming community being sexist and racist....

    1. LOL@:
      "They lightened her skin? I didn't even notice!"
      "She's not black, she's just really tan!"

      I'll admit, I'm still surprised that Ubisoft has even produced this character (in a game that only seems to be available on PSV). Although the fact that they also had no qualms with casting a white male to play Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in the movie version is.. not as surprising. No, not one bit.

  5. If you guys are at all familiar with the walking dead game series there is a blasian couple for episodes 3 and 4. They are very devoted to each other and it has been implied that the black woman, Christa, is pregnant. The guy's name is Omed, I'm assuming of South/Middleast Asian descent. Hopefully they survive episode 5. I was going to make mention of them for blasian month.

    1. Really? I got to check that out.

    2. Yeah. In addition two major characters are of African descent, along with Christa. Lee and Clementine, pretty much the two main protagonists of the game. Clementine is just a rather pale black girl, but I believe both her parents are black, you can find a family photo online, and this could explain part of her affinity to Lee who is her main protector during the game. At first I thought Clem might be Asian, but I guess I was right on the mark to see that she is a girl of color, which is a novelty for a favored game character. But I'm assuming most people don't know that she's black. But she certainly doesn't seem white to me. For one her hair texture seems to be curly/kinky. And she resembles her mother in the family photo who also seems to be a pale black woman/woman of color. Her father is unambiguously black.

  6. I was totally about to say NO WAY,CLEM IS ASIAN but then I googled that family photo and holy moley!! She's like...black!! O.O OMG!! Don't worry, I'm black too but I just found it so typical they would make a black man 'risk his life' for some little white/asian girl and now I know that Clem is indeed black so I'm glad. lol wow, that just makes the game even more awesome to me! :D

  7. Mixies is like an abominable thing if they're mulatto. Hapas (Asian/white) are always acceptable, because full-blood Asian men aren't. That's why I'm glad that Aveline is Creole of color.
    What sucks though is that Ubisoft gave a crappy, BS reason why they shouldn't be together. I mean, really. And at that, Connor is a stereotypical Native American man: one-dimensional and aloof. And his story, so depressing. I mean really?! Give his dad special treatment when this is suppose to be about Ratonhnhakéton. And now we're jumping back to his grandpa.
    Bad writers, in my opinion. Don't worry, I gave them my 2 cents.


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