Martial Arts & K-Pop: The New Role Models

So this post is long overdue, simply because I myself have not posted in forever but I have a bit of free time on my hands and therefore am able to type this at the office of the non-profit I work with (check them out).

Keep it civil, discuss below.


  1. It's about time, Mister! Nice to have you back!

  2. It is nicer to see more diverse representation in the media. I definitely agree that sites like kickstarter and youtube help to get the information out without having to go through a marketing agency.It's a great shift in creative control. There is definitely still a need for greater change because mass media is still owned by companies who do not have minorities interest at heart. So its a good idea to be thoughtful about investing money into a space for expressing creativity and ideas without false notions of what people are or should be. People can make their own dreams come true. I really enjoyed the video.

  3. The internet is great for alternate media with more diversity. Growing up I could only listen to local radio or watch cable tv. Now I don't even listen to the radio, too much ringtone rap. I discover new artists online and can watch independently produced shows.

    1. Amen! TV has almost become entirely irrelevant to me.


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