Dreamcast and Writing Submission #7

Our next dreamcasting submission comes from the totally amazing Julie Nguyen, who wears a purple cape of awesome.

For Anike =P

There's no easy way to talk about the madness that is this story, but here goes:

In an Era when a Lunar Base has been established and homes are made on orbiting satellites, Colony Nine sits fixed at the northern pole of the Earth, once dictated by the star Polaris, which has since gone out. Four Terran colonies have been established in Earth’s oceans, and three in High Orbit. A solar particle sail is being developed for Deep Space Exploration as a Europa Expedition, to explore the sub-surface ocean in AI divers, nears its launch date. Earthside national emergencies are escalating due to resource imbalances and shifting climate (Global Warming). People are emigrating. There is a push for exo-emigration, for war even.

The players:
Charlie 'Nak' Trairat as the young Cyrus Le
Cyrus is the beginning of the story, his name spoken in fear by terrorists even as he emerges from a trail of murder and destruction. He is not what he seems, nor is he quite his reputation. He's 11, and accepts asylum on the North Star bringing with him everything that he is, including his baggage.

Godfrey Gao as Zachary Roang
Acting Second of Colony North Star who accepts Cyrus's application for asylum. Cyrus becomes Zachary's problem.

Jessica Matten as Zhaawan Nezhigneng
A civilian Coordinator and the Commander of the North Star. She's the boss, but gives her Second lots of leeway since his mobility is her trump card. She fully expects Zachary to deal with his problems, and not without reason.

Yaya DaCosta as Ghene Ester Zolo
Mechatronics Engineer and head of the Europa Initiative. Ghene Ester is pretty busy lately, integrating AI with diver bots as the launch date for the expedition to the sub-surface oceans of Jupiter's moon nears. Also realized to be Zachary's wife. She's certainly got Cyrus's attention, on many levels.

Sydney Park as the young Alexis Raan Zolo
Caught in an inadvertent consequence that is directly related to Cyrus's presence on the North Star. Ghene Ester and Zachary's only daughter, and now Cyrus's problem.


And yup, there's a whole nother arc to this story *sniggers.

Iko Uwais as the older Cyrus Le
Cyrus returns to the North Star, to once again begin the story. He's older, has learnt much during his time in the SEAsian City States, including control. Zachary has been court martialed, exiled from his contacts, stripped of his assets and is newly emerged from labor camp. Ghene Ester hasn't set foot in Earth Space in over 500 days, and Alexis is recently returned to the Surface to continue her education and keep an eye on her father. Zachary isn't the kind of person to stay out of trouble for very long, and by the time Cyrus tracks him down, he's already neck deep in his new scheme, with Cyrus positioned at the very center of it.

And for spoilers' sake: the final arc of this story travels to Jupiter's moon Europa, where we get to see Zachary's better half in action at what she does best, and believe me, she takes the cake. Anything boys do, girls do it better.


  1. Replies
    1. Eep indeed. Good job, crazy lady. I told you had skills.

      Nice casting choices, by the way.

  2. Yaaaay, another Sci-fi! Nice casting choice especially fine Godfrey Gao.

  3. Awesome attempt at dreamcasting Julie! I can't wait to finish reading all the chapters, I really like this one.

    And thanks for the shout out :D


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