Dreamcasting Submission #8

This is actually a dreamcasting submission that was specifically dedicated for October's Blasian Assassin's theme, but it's still perfectly valid now.  The author is Firestar.  For now, the story remains untitled.

Adairiya Okami (Liona)
Name:  Liona Pikake Makanani Corazon
Other names/Aliases:  Lani, LiLi (only used by parents and close friends)
Place of Origin:  The Kingdom of Hawaii
Current Place of Residence:  Honolulu, on the island of O’ahu
Ethnicity:  Hawaiian/Chinese/Filipino (Hawaiian-Chinese father, Filipino mother)
Age:  23
Date of Birth:  January 4, 1865
Height: 5’7”
Possible Portraying Actors:  Christine Navarro

Background:  Liona is the daughter of Maria-Clara Corazon, formerly known as Leyte Fredrickson and a member of the Assassin’s Guild, until the failure of a mission that resulted in three dead comrades, her target surviving and revealing her to be the almost-murderer, forced Leyte into hiding and a name change.  Several years later, she now has a new name, a husband who is one of King Kalakaua’s trusted guards, and a daughter.

That daughter is training to become a guard for the Hawaiian monarchs, while having secretly been trained in eskrima, a Philippine martial art also known as kali, and use of the kampilan and fighting sticks by her mother.  Liona eagerly awaits her initiation into the Assassin’s Guild, her father Zechariah Makanani unaware of the secret his wife and daughter share.

Time and Story:  May 1888, an uneasy time in the reign of King David Kalakaua.  

Legislature granted the government $30,000 ($776,000 today) for the formation of a Polynesian confederation. The King sent representatives to Samoa, where Malietoa Laupepa agreed to a confederation between the two kingdoms. This confederation did not last very long, however, since King Kalakaua lost power the next year to the Bayonet Constitution,
 and thus a reformist party came into power that ended the alliance.

By 1887, the Missionary party had grown very frustrated with Kalakaua. They blamed him for the Kingdom's growing debt and accused him of being a spendthrift. Some foreigners wanted to force King Kalākaua to abdicate and put his sister Liliuokalani onto the throne, while others wanted to end the monarchy altogether and annex the islands to the United States. 

The people who favored annexation formed a group called the Hawaiian League. In July 6, 1887, members of the League armed with guns assembled together. The members of the league forced King Kalākaua at gun point to sign the new constitution.

Princess Lili’uokalani has only so much power, and being the diplomat and artist in the royal family, she has very little war strategy to aid her in leading her small but strong armies.  Should war ever become a reality. 

Christine Navarro (Maria-Clara)

Zechariah, being a captain in the Royal Guard, catches wind of the rumors and passes them down to his family.  Maria-Clara contacts the Guild, informing them of what has become.  Maria-Clara, eager to serve again, offers herself for any possible assassination missions, but the Assassins’ remind her how she ended up in the Hawaiian Archipelago in the first place. 

Then she reveals that she has a trainee, an apprentice she trained from infancy:  her own daughter.  There is some initial hesitation, considering how little of the Guild Liona actually knows, but they agree to put her through the tests.  She passes with flying colors, and soon enough, she is given her very first assignment:  assassinate the leaders of the Hawaiian League, namely Lorrin A. Thurston and John L. Stevens. 


Liona is actually quite fond of skirts of that time, especially full, circle ones.  So long as she isn’t under pressure to wear crinolines, she likes how enough fabric can conceal any weapons or other valuables she hides waist down.  She strongly dislikes floral patterns (unless they are images of native flora such as ‘ilima and ‘ulu), and instead prefers simple, one or two-colored skirts.  She doesn’t like lace (unless it’s black), and during the summer, sticks to paler-colored clothing on top.

Unlike the women of her time wearing shoes with heels, she prefers long skirts because they hide boots.  Especially roomy, flat ones made of strong hides.  Liona loves boots, and wears her black ones only for assassinations or training.  She loves that all of her boots can hide a myriad of things besides weapons. 

Her mother and father never pressured her to wear girdles or corsets, although brassieres were a must.  Her wardrobe changes with the weather:  short-as-possible sleeves, and dressing in layers, in the hot days, and long sleeves and/or elbow length gloves in the colder months. 

Russell Subiono (Zechariah)
In the line of hats, she makes a habit of taking her father’s hats and using those any time he isn’t.  Unless she’s on a mission; then she makes the effort to look as feminine as possible.  

Jewelry is not a must for her.  She prefers fresh flowers to jewelry.  She always spent money on other things besides trinkets, aside from a bronze pendant of a howling dog, her aumakua or family guardian.  Make-up is also not a must for her; the occasional lipcolor and eyeliner, but not very often.

Her hair is long, and she will bind it into a bun or a long braid trailing over her shoulder….on occasion.  

When she has leeway to dress however she wants, Liona wears trousers, usually in darker colors.  Boots are quintessential to her, and so are belts and various hip-pouches for money, snacks like dried plums, or bullets.  

For blouses, she prefers open v-necks and lace-up necklines as opposed to stuffy, neck-restricting collars or cummerbunds.  Vests for the summer, trench coats in the winter, lots of pockets for both.  Blouses are typically pale or bright in color, while vests/trenches are darker colored.  The dark green cap that once belonged to her father (until he outgrew it) sits on her head. And there’s at least one blade and gun in each boot.

She never takes the ‘ilio (dog) pendant with her during Guild-related business, instead preferring to wear a jade pendant in the shape of an ocean wave around her neck. 

Weapons & Fighting Styles:

Leyte/Maria-Clara trained Liona in the use of the kampilan, as well as the fighting sticks common to eskrima.  Liona also knows some hand-to-hand combat, a little bit of Lua, a Hawaiian martial art, and wrestling taught by Zechariah.  

Eskrima/Kali was taught secretly to her by her mother, and she commonly keeps a balisong, or a Philippine version of the Hidden Blade, to defend herself in Chinatown’s streets, as well as to protect the poor and the defenseless against common thugs.

She prefers handheld weapons, such as balisongs and daga, as opposed to guns.  Dark green is her favorite color, and she commonly uses paint in a certain shade to discreetly label her weapons.

Eskrima suits Liona perfectly because it teaches an eskrimino how to improvise weapons out of everyday objects such as ropes, eating utensils, and even books.  She once stopped a thug from robbing two homeless children of their food by using two writing pens.

Maria-Clara has not bestowed her daughter the Hidden Blade passed down from Assassin to Assassin yet, but has taught her how to use it.


I am a member of the Hawaii Actors Network, and I discovered Christine Navarro by chance one day.  When I saw her picture, and then read that not only was she open for principal (lead) work, but also in voice acting like me, I got really excited.  She lives on the Big Island, but came from Chicago.

And she fits the role of Liona so well.  Only thing is any fighting skill, which can be remedied, and her bangs, which can be fixed with extensions and a good hairstylist.  :)

Christine has quite the actor’s reel, and her list of skills is just awesome.  I wish I could cycle and dance.  :(


  1. Now, I can get into this! :) Btw, this Adairiya Okami, she's gorgeous! Who is she? I googled her, but nothing came up.

  2. ^ LoL, I googled her too. First impulse.

    Lovely story!!! Please tell me you're working on it :D

  3. Dag! This is what I'm talking about. I know this is dream casting off a game but we need this as a game. I would buy it.

  4. I find the story fascinating. It's origins are Hawaiian. Win.


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