It's November and That Means...

...NaNoWriMo has begun!

November is National Novel Writing Month.  The object is for up and coming authors to get used to the writing process by writing each day.  The goal is to create a 50,000-word novel by November 30.  How you work out the amount of words you write per day is up to you.  I've never participated, as my writing routines were well in place before I ever heard of NaNoWriMo.  But my awesome brotha from anotha motha, Denny Upkins, wrote Hollowstone in NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago and was able to get it published.  I strongly encourage newbies to participate.  It can be fun, you can get essential feedback, and if you're serious, you can get a novel and some notoriety.

Even if I wanted to take a shot at NaNo, I couldn't.  My muse holds to no one's schedule.  She's sididdy like that. 

Go to www.nanowrimo.org for more details.  And check out Hateya's post on the subject.

Happy writing, peeps!  Even if you don't finish, every day of progress puts you closer to your goal.  Writing is a long, lonely process, and most people only notice when the hard work is done.  NaNo is good for glimpsing into that process.


  1. From some reason I'm just now processing that its you (Amaya) over at Black Girl Nerds lol.

    1. In the words of the immortal Tupac, "I get around..."

  2. Good luck everyone! I had to pull out because I got an academic book contract a few days ago and that's where my focus has to be. Damn adulthood and these "responsibilities".

  3. I wish I could do it but I know that I can't.

  4. I'm using NaNo to draft up that children's book I've been sitting on for a whole year.

  5. A year of marinating is good :D Happy writing all! I hope you will share your stories? Yes?


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