Love in Disguise (2010)

We might as well.

(Damn you, Juljin...knowin' my weakness and everything....)


  1. Finally finished! Took me awhile! So my sister introduced me to another blasian movie starring Queen Latifiah, Keke Palmer and others. Its called Joyful Noise. I didn't like the story plot as much but I really wanted to at least share that there is a blasian couple in it and the guy is very cute :)

  2. The reviews are brutal, particularly from the Singaporeans. For me, the movie is entertaining and I looking at Wang Leehom.


  3. Nothing like a hot man distributing hot entertainment for the people.

  4. haha! Got yah! ;-D I think it's a cute comedy. I think many reviews took it too seriously because Leehom is mostly known to be more serious. He probably wanted to show his funny side?
    I'm 33 myself but I love this movie!! It's simply cute, entertaining and has great music.
    What do you need more for a fun movie??

    I hope you'll watch the other movie too (second link that I shared last night)... it's totally different from this one.

    If I wanna laugh, I watch "Love in Disguise", if I wanna drool I watch "Starlit High Noon".

  5. The Music is the BOMB ---> watch it just for that if nothing else. Also could to learn some Mandarin.

  6. Wang Leehom has a great sense of humor. Yes, the film is tacky & cliched, but that's because Leehom knows his target audience. The man can't stand pop music, and has demonstrated immeasurable depth when it comes to music. It's like he's already proven himself as a grown-up so by all means...let him be a kid.

    And he is fine. Lawd, he is too fine. He could've been reading the phone book this whole time and I would've watched every second.

  7. anonymous J
    I enjoyed watching this movie, and I was tickled pink when I found Starlight. He is so handsome, and I think musically there's so much more to him. Hopefully, he will be able to be more innovative in his music career, and as an actor/director. Just for fun I am linking an old video I love.

  8. Wang Leehom and Joan Chen? Done.

  9. Ankhesen Mie, I have another movie for you. It's a really strange movie though. If it hadn't Leehom as the main role I'd never watch it! haha! From 2001, English youtube subtitles must be switched on (at the bottom of the screen). It also has Jackie Chan's Beijing Opera school brothers Sammo Hung and Yuan Biao (Leehom's movie father) in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jR5XzEjeCA


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