L to R: Jason Chen, Travis Graham, David So, and Paul Kim


  1. Jason Chen, you officially have my attention.

  2. Soothing to my ears. MMPH...MMPH ...MMPH!

    There goes Jaaason.

    Ooo girl look at him.

    You don't know how good Travis makes me feel.

    There goes Daaaavid.

    Loving Paul the way I do.

    Oo girl look at them.


    Ok...So my lyric writing skills arn't the best. LOL

    1. lol it was cute :)

      Loving their version!

  3. Odd because I came across the duet between Paul Kim and David So last night. Why don't these guys have music contracts? They definitely have the talent. Paul and Jason have the required good looks that is deemed more important then singing ability in today's music scene. Just think of how many artists from back in the day would not have a chance today because they were not considered good looking. Usher signed Bieber so he should give these guys a chance too!

    1. It's not just talent and good looks...it's fitting into a trend (currently electro/pop/rap) and standing out of the crowd by having a recognizable voice or being provocative. Should I also mention that they're Asian...? That doesn't help too, sad. And luck, VIP contacts.

    2. Yeah after returning from fantasy world I realized the reasons why. No wonder everyone is the same these days. Probably why I listen to older music.

    3. I understand :( I know it wasn't a real question, I just felt like replying.

  4. David is one of my fav vloggers ever!

  5. Psy and mc hammer together, blasian power. If you read the comments, someone noted that it had to be a korean guy and not an american to pay tribute to mc hammer lol


    1. I stopped watching award shows a long time ago but I loved the performance, Hammer still got at 50 years old. Took me back that I watch the old video of two legit to quit and I forgot that that video was a diss to Michael.

    2. I had to watch the clip on repeat. Both Psy and Hammer were gettin it!

  6. I love David So, but his latest video rubbed me the wrong way at parts.I'm not gonna stop following his videos, but hope he doesn't do anymore rape material. Do you guys think I'm overreacting?

  7. Rain does a radio show for the military that he co-host with KCM called Speeding Instinct the English translation is on Cloud USA, you can read the whole translation here- http://www.cloudusa.org/cloud_usa_webblog.html

    On this segment they talked to Kim Tae Wan who produced songs for Rain and MBLAQ and they talked about Timbaland, Missy, Aaliyah, Jodeci, Justin Timbalake, and how Rain will or was about to work with Timbaland, here are some of the translations.


    [Kim Tae Wan] : I’m {attempting to} introduce Timbaland {as today’s subject}. I heard Rain had an opportunity to work with Timbaland.

    [Rain] : Yes, I did, but I had to join the army and that’s why the work ceased.

    **Note** he said ceased, so it might be on the back burner.

    [Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland’s father sold bus tickets, and his mother was a volunteer to help the homeless. His brother ‘Sebastian’ is a rapper. There seems to be something charmingly old-fashioned about his brother’s name ‘Sebastian’. (laughs) Timbaland was featured as a rapper in Jodeci’s ‘What About Us’.

    ( Jodeci’s ‘What About Us’)

    [Rain] : That’s the style of music I like.

    [Kim Tae Wan] : Me too.

    [KCM] : I’m going to love it.

    1. 35:33~45:15

      [Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland and Aaliyah were all working together on many projects, but he had fallen {into} a slump since her death in a plane accident in 2001.

      [Rain] : Aaliyah was very sexy and cute, and she was good at singing and dancing. If Aaliyah had lived, she might have knocked the spots off Beyonce when it comes to music and popularity.

      **Note** I think someone on this board raised this point about Aaliyah if she was still alive.

      (Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’)

      [Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland was on friendly terms with Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, etc. SBI’s Pharrell set up Timbaland with ‘Justin Timberlake’. Timbaland formed a band called SBI with some friends including Pharrell when young. Timbaland’s association with ‘Justin Timberlake’ led it to work in close collaboration with ‘Justin Timberlake’ on his ( Justin Timberlake’s) ‘Cry Me A River’.

      [Rain] : The two’s meeting is believed to {have occurred} by destiny. I think ‘Kim Tae Wan’ is as talented as Timbaland or ‘Justin Timberlake’, but Kim Tae Wan’ is hopeless at dance.

      [KCM] :I’m very curious about Rain’s future after his discharge.

      [Rain] : There is so much work to do after my discharge. (laughs)

      (‘Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’)

      [Rain] : The song is one of my favorite songs. Actually, I don’t think ‘Justin Timberlake’ sings very well, but he has his very own brand of appeal.

      **Note** Well tell'm how you feel Rain. LOL Although we don't know to what extent Rain knows Justin.

      [KCM] : He is very good at using his charm to appeal to music lovers.

      [Rain] : When ‘Justin Timberlake’ got compared to ‘Chris Brown’, he knocked the stuffing out of ‘Chris Brown’ in performing with a handkerchief while stepping up to the stage from the auditorium during his (‘Justin Timberlake’s) concert. I think ‘Justin Timberlake’ is endowed with extraordinary gifts, but I’m a master at dancing to the rhythm of music.

      **Note** LOL Rain with his ol cocky self.

    2. 45:15~48:40

      [Kim Tae Wan] : ‘Timbaland’ participated in {NeYo’s “Hands In The Air} as a composer. With the release of his current songs, ‘Timbaland’ found himself caught in a plagiarism scandal.

      [Rain] : I think plagiarism is, and has probably always been, an endemic even in USA.

      [Kim Tae Wan] : I think so. Even though ‘Timbaland’ has attempted to make a comeback with {Hands In The Air}, he isn’t yet in the limelight of mass communication.

      [Rain] : Singers tend to quickly gain and lose their popularity in USA. With a short cycle of music, their songs aren’t popular {for long}. It can be the age of many different musical genres. I think Psy is the hottest singer recently. (laughs) By the way, it’s the time to say good-bye.

      LOL I thought it was interesting, I guess we will see what Rain does when he gets out of the Military next year.

    3. The **Notes** are my thoughts.

    4. well tell us how you really feel Rain, lol
      I think it is awesome he knows about the Missy/Timbaland/Aaliyah/Jodeci connection. Would be nice to hear his opinion on Ginuwine too.

  8. @Meanie RAIN definitely is cocky! But is it wrong that I love it? He's awesome and sexy in many ways. He's a hot, talented, cool asian man and society gives him flack for it so I don't blame him for being cocky. I just hope he doesn't take it toooo far, ya'know?

  9. Um...why are we talking about folks who don't belong to the Runs?

    You know what, I have half a mind to start a K-Pop Open Thread to keep this conversations contained.

    But I'm afraid fangirls will finally overrun the Narrative.

    1. LOL...Sorry Ank...I didn't know where else to put it, didn't mean to disrupt the thread. I don't think you have to do a kpop thread, maybe just a general music thread.


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