So...David So's Got a New Show


  1. I prefer his vlogs.

    Now onto the serious matters at hand. No comedian should reference or use rape in any act/show. And the r-word usage plus homophobic comedy is a no-go as well.

    I'am privileged person that doesn't have to endure offensive, soul destroying comments like that every day of my life. So maybe I should just shrug it off, right? It's not a big deal right? No.

    That mess piles up in people's psyche and leads to damage.

    I hope he stops but I know he won't. He is getting profit (views, subscriptions, collaborations) from this. When it comes down to that it is up to every other individual person to decide if they have the fortitude to deal with that mess.

    But we all know a problem rewarded doesn't change.

    1. yeah the rape jokes were not appropriate at all

    2. I adore David So, but the humor in this vid was a miss for me, too.

  2. The sad part is that David actually has a gold mine here.

    I live by the motto that simpler is often better. If you take away the rape and the gay jokes, you have a perfectly hilarious (and relatable) story about cowardly roommates.

    The comments on YouTube indicate a possible decrease in viewers by the time Episode 2. If the arguing escalates, expect the tired debate about "political incorrectness" to rear its head.

    Problem is, this isn't about political incorrectness. It never is. This is about comedy and artistry, and thinking outside the box.

    I'm going to go on watching in hopes that some of David So's inimitable cleverness eventually shines through.

  3. this one is an ambw show with david so-- i found it hilarious :)


    Its called 'love fights'

    enjoy :)

  4. Compared to his vlogs this first episode was weaker but still has the silliness that David is known to show. The caricature of the gangster was interesting and the rape jokes were pointless but Mr.So's boys constantly leaving him when he needed them was pretty funny to me. Hopefully the show will pick up nicely later on
    as the situations expand out more.

  5. OMG! sorry! Here's the link :)



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