Special Post: Hurricane Sandy

Cash, not Cans

After talking with hurricane victims at work, reading the blogs, watching the news, and talking with some of our own Kinfolk on the eastern seaboard, I felt I needed to make an announcement here as I did at the bar.

Our dear friend Julie reports negligence towards the residents of Chinatown in her area, so a grassroots movement of sorts is growing there in order to assist the people.  And while I've already made a donation to the Red Cross - and will attempt to do so every month until the worst has passed - I'm interested in movements like the one Julie mentioned.

Before Hurricane Sandy terrorized our eastern shores, she was laying waste in the Caribbean, where some of our readers and commenters reside.  I am interested in donating to any charitable foundations based in the Caribbean as well.  While I have faith in the Red Cross, Julie's reports, along with countless other articles and blog posts, make wonder what else we can do to help POC who aren't being treated as a priority.

Roll Call

Speak up, Narrators!  Let is know where you are and what's going on.  Report on the progress, report on the lack of progress, let us know if folks are handling business themselves, let us know if officials are doing what they're supposed to.  Links, foundation names, regular updates - all of it.  Let us know!

If we don't take care of us, no one else will.

Speaking of which, if Nicole Hawkins is alive and well, please let us know.  Julie asked for you by name.


  1. I know this is a grassroots movement, if you're not jaded by the Occupy label. http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/

    And the amazing group that was canvasing Chinatown/LES is CAAAV.org. But now with power back in most of Manhattan, thoughts are turning toward Staten Island and the other outer boroughs, thus recovery.org and #occupysandy

    1. Hurricane Sandy is beginning to remind me of Hurricane Katrina with the biasesness and all. Much as my heart goes to every resident that was affected by the storm,the only people that media seems to their attention on is Staten Island and/ or the stars. No mention of Chinatown whatsoever. I'm happy to see that CAAAVY.org is trying to help. My heart goes out to the people of Chinatown and praise the good work that interaction.com is doing for them.

      Ps.Are you referring to the same Nicole that be on this blog?

  2. @M: Yes. She's in NY as well, and we are concerned. We haven't heard anything from her due to the power being out, but if anyone knows anything, please share the info with us.

    And yes, CAAAV.org is great!! Anything we can do, even a little bit, helps.

  3. I made contact with Nicole yesterday :D She says she got power back on Friday.

    1. Oh,thank God that you heard from her. With all of the problems that NY is experiencing,I was praying that she was safe.Thanks for the info and again my heartfelt thoughts with all who have dealt with Hurricane Sandi.

  4. And this lately came to my attention. If you're looking to give, the Ali-Forney walk-in center was destroyed and needs help rebuilding. They provide aid to LGBT youth:

  5. Thanks for all the links. Glad to know all these institutions exist.

  6. Hi guys! Thanks for your concern! We're doing fine. There are still so many people without power. It's raining, snowing and cold now so people in certain areas are being asked to evacuate once again. I live in a high-rise building so we did a lot better than so many other people. Our power was out but we managed. I used to be an Army wife, so we had a lot of MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat) that my ex-husband left!

    The outer boroughs got hit really bad. Especially Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn.All of the links Julie posted are wonderful. On the news they were saying how people really need underwear, socks and under garments because it's getting cold.


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