Starlit High Noon (2005)


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    1. In the video's description (on youtube) is this movie synopsis:

      language: Mandarin & Japanese; subtitles: English.
      Lian Song (Leehom Wang), a Taiwanese hit man, leads a double life: he carries out his "assignments" in Taipei, then hides out in Naha (Okinawa), Japan until things cool down.
      He has a favorite laundromat in Naha where he goes on Saturday evenings because a young woman named Yukiko (Suzuki Kyouka) is always there then. Lian Song is in love with her, although he knows neither her name nor where she lives. But his sweet little romance has no chance to blossom, as his boss tells him to return to Taipei shortly...

    2. Thanks! It'd have been much easier if the movie synopsis was up here as well. I started watching it expecting a short clip and wasn't going to click over to youtube without knowing what it was about :/

    3. My bad. It had Wang Leehom and that's all I needed. I didn't think to add anything else.

    4. Haha, cool.

      I should put up the Asian movies I watched and enjoyed recently. The Chinese blockbuster Painted Skin: The Ressurection with awesome Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun who has become my most recent actress crush and the handsome Chen Kun. Then there is Rain and the Woodsman with Oguri Shun, that one made me laugh so much. I doubt I'd the complete films on Youtube for these ones.

  2. Oh yea? Painted Skin was good? I'm hesitating still, even tho Kun Chen is in it, lol.

    Wang Leehom. *sniggers
    I miss him.

    1. Painted Skin 2 was really good. I noticed people going on about it on tumblr so I had to see it. The only issue I had with that was the way they bad guys were portrayed (the backward savage(s) trope was heavy there), I'm a sucker for beautiful clothes and fabric, imagery, slow motion and Zhou Xun's voice. Plus before watching it, thanks to tumblr, I thought it was a totally different story so was pleasantly surprised to actually see Chen Kun there.

  3. Oh I just watched this a few day ago. My only disappointment with it is that they did not bring back Donnie Yen for part 2.


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