Who is A*M*E?

(h/t Supernova)

Details, Narrators, I need details!


  1. Lol--I totally thought you'd enjoy that. Here's very funny comedy skit of an asian guy trying to pick up a black girl, and let me tell you 'Asian jesus' can get it anytime :)


    I think A.M.E is a south london singer and I heard something about jpop? I'll do more digging!

    1. You spend too much time on YouTube.

      Keep up the good work.

  2. Of course the top comment is about how much confidence she has. As if its some magical wonder that she has confidence.

    1. That stuck out to me as well. Of all the things to point out, why that?

  3. You know...her music very late 80s, early 90s.

    We might be able to do business.

  4. Details? I read that it's a tribute to kpop which she apparently likes a lot.

    "Now A*M*E has decided to indulge her obsession for all things k-pop in the video for new single Play the Game Boy. Produced by Norway's Electric, it's a return to the more effervescent electro-pop of her first singles and plays on the name of a handheld games console A*M*E probably isn't old enough to even remember."
    from here

    And if you don't mind Wiki...

  5. Replies
    1. I left this comment in a rush after I heard her accent, then clicked on to her Wiki page. She's also Sierra Leonean, awesome West Africa represent.

  6. One of the dancers, the one in the pink string vest was on 2 dance show here in the UK. I am pretty sure it is him, could be wrong, but I am confident it is him. His name is Mark Calape, he was on:
    Move Like Michael Jackson in the group animaniacs


    So you think you can dance

  7. Good ol 80's electronica. :) I think she wrote a couple of kpop songs for some girl groups.

  8. Yeah, everything has been said. I read she's from Sierra Leone.

    The confidence comment was probably related to her very young age (she's a teenager). I saw a short interview she did a while ago and she looked and sounded confident indeed, in a sweet and cool way.

    I liked that song, and her other stuff is cool too. I'll keep an eye on her, I usually don't follow teenager artists. Waiting for the album...

  9. She is as old as me! That is pretty awesome! Never heard of her til today and already love her music! Playing repeat! Can't wait to buy her songs!


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