...like they're trying to reach a quota or something

Okay, so I check my blog roll and emails today, and to quote Neo-Prodigy, it's like a certain group of people are just trying to reach a certain kind of quota before the new year.

Let's start with Google (h/t Julie):
According to the “Make me Asian” app, Asian = rice paddy hat, Fu Manchu mustache, small eyes, and yellow skin. That’s racist!

What’s equally unbelievable is that these offensive apps are available on Google Play, one of the largest app stores.

SIGN THE PETITION and demand the Google Play Store remove the “Make me Asian” app immediately.

“This racist and offensive portrayal of Asians perpetuates damaging racial stereotypes and should not be distributed on the Google Play Store. The app should be removed immediately.”

Together, let’s show Google Play and “KimberyDeiss” that we won’t stand for racist apps.

Don't forget to spread the word and ask others to join this effort:
• FORWARD this email to five friends
• Share the petition on Facebook
• Tweet the petition and include @Googleplay and #18MR

Together, let's show Google Play and “KimberyDeiss” that we won't stand for racist apps.

In solidarity,

Samala, Jenn, Cynthia & Cayden, the 18MR Team
No...you're not imagining things.

Then there's this:

Athletic Perfection

Worthless Wannabe
You're not hallucinating.  Apparently Caroline Wannabe Wozniacki thinks she's cute (as do her fans) mocking Serena's body shape (this isn't the first time she's done it).  The next time they meet on the tennis court will be a most interesting day.

2012 has been a very interesting year considering that it's 2012 and bullshit like this is still going on.


  1. Caroline said that she was "mimicking Serena".

    If she hasn't won a Grand Slam, then she's not doing it right.

  2. I really believe that these white folks can't handle the fact that Serena has been dominating "their" sport for well over a decade now, and, since they can't beat her (like, can't even come close), they resort to old reliable.

    They wish they looked that good.

  3. Caroline is so bitter that Serena is better than her in every way. In some interview a lot of female tennis players were asked who was their most challenging match and ALL but her said Serena. Bitter~

  4. I'm not even mad any more, which isn't to say that I'm OK with this. Not by a long shot. It's more like "We've been over this, and over this, and over this, and you refuse to act right. Call me when you get some gyatdamb sense, because I'm done.".

  5. Disgusting is how I would describe both depictions. I guess Google don't get the " Don't bite the hand that feeds you " saying.I guess they forget the amount of POCs that use their services.I wish there a worldwide boycott/sick out about this .

    From what I read about Caroline, this wasn't the first time that she did it to Serena.Apparently'they are both friends and that Serena thought it was all good. I don't know about Serena but if I had a" friend"like Caroline', I don't know if I would want to be around her. It's like she only focus on Serena's body trying to give subtle hints about it. Caroline could have joked about anything else about her but she joked about her body..twice! When you do it more than once you're not joking. I agree with Leo.. I think she's jealous because she's not as famous as Serena.

    1. Quote:
      "I agree with Leo.. I think she's jealous because she's not as famous as Serena."

      Well, as a non American person I didn't know who Caroline was lol But I knew who Serena and her sister were for years :p

      I'm going to sign the petition about Google, this is not acceptable! Are they serious with this shit??

    2. LOL I had to put a random zip code to sign the petition as it's for Americans only. Yeah, I know I shouldn't do that :p

    3. They're not friends. Like I said at the bar, you know it is with white folks and their "black friends".

    4. Wozniacki has never beaten Serena (they've played before).

      When Serena was whoopin her ass up and down the tennis court, I wonder how Wannabe Wozniacki felt about their "friendship".

  6. Serena is a Goddess. Can't touch it. I don't know who that white lady is but she looks stupid.

    And just adding that the 18millionandrising petition recently added the "Make Me Indian" app to it's protest. Double reason to kill it. It's exactly what it sounds like, click at your own risk and bash away.

  7. Wow. My mum was telling me about this, but I hadn't read anything about it until now. She looks ridiculous. 2012 has been the year for blatant racism.

  8. Hence my facebook posts.

    Serena in that fierce dress and heels would smoke the shit out of Caroline Whatthefuckniacki in standard tennis gear. Haters gonna hate and I bet Serena truly doesn't give a damn.

  9. Caroline mad? Oh, she mad? She STAYS mad because she knows that she can laugh all she wants in public but soon as she gets home she has to look at that empty ass trophy case with no grand slam titles. Looking in the mirror and keep wishing she was Serena. She probably thought it was cool because Serena hasn't checked her, but Serena's too busy counting her money and looking at her titles and trophies.


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