Amerikkka the Beautiful

I don't know whether to laugh or rub my temples. Or both.


  1. just laugh and go on about your day.
    honestly how many times have there been people paranoid about some looming apocalyptic 'war' or 'end of civilization as we know it' or whatever...
    people been coming up with conspiracies on the "new world order" ever since Bush Sr. first coined the phrase in, what I think was, his first state of the union address. Ever since that, people have been attaching whatever meaning they want to it to justify whatever conspiracy they want to spread. i really don't care, tbh. I wasn't surprised, amused, irritated, or anything about this video. I did get kinda disappointed when the camera panned to that one black tho... :P

    1. correction, George Bush Sr first used that phrase in one of his memoirs (had to fact check myself :))

  2. Second time this week I'm seeing this raving lunatic.


    He definitely cannot be taken seriously.


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