Blasian Wedding of Epic Proportions

(h/t Meanie)

Must be nice to have money.


  1. This is beautiful .I definitely would have enjoyed this wedding. What a good looking couple. Love the music.Speaking of weddings..there is also a Blasian couple in Chicago who was the first Blasian couple to bless the 2013 year by marrying. I seen the story on BeyondBlackWhite.com.There is a link provided to their story on the webpage. I just like the way this going.

    1. It is beautiful. Thanks for the tip about the blasian couple in Chicago.

  2. Replies
    1. Right? Old World Weddings are on another level.

      It's a like a divorce-deterrent. If you break up after that, you have to answer to an entire town.

    2. Well, he did right by his wife. And LOL@ divorce!!! hahahahahahaha

  3. Should I be this insanely jealous of the multi colored fu lions at the wedding? Cause I really want one!

  4. Are you guys going to mention Janet Jackson and her BF? I know you have a post on them before but they're planning on getting married now.

  5. Beautiful wedding!! Could have been a scene from a epic romantic period drama.

    Being my nosey self I want all the details.

  6. This bitch stole my wedding idea....and my rich husband idea....
    Oh well....

  7. What a lovely bride! I absolutely loved this video! So romantic! It makes me want a huge expensive wedding too! I need the husband first lol.

  8. That wasn't a wedding. That was a marriage festival, ok?

    GyatDAMB, HWood celebrities have nothing on this!

  9. I believe this is their wedding, although there was no description of who they were in the video, but the pictures of her in the link below looks like her.


    “I feel that he is a good man, and I want to be with him.” Recalling the first time Aida saw her husband two years ago in her hometown Freetown, the 26-year-old Barbie-like lady lost in sweet memory, “Language or distance is not a problem.

    ” This love at first sight unveiled when the Sierra Leone girl met with Yang Yan, a 58-year-old Chinese painter two years ago when Yang Yan traveled to Aida’s hometown Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    Aida married to Yang Yan one month later and moved with her husband to China with the new name, Aida Yang. From then on, Aida Yang began her life in China and lived in Beijing together with her husband where Yang Yan had a big painting studio.

    Inspired by her husband, Aida started to take the traditional Chinese brush and draw on Chinese art paper. As her skills improved, the couple even cooperate on the same artwork as Yang Yan draw tree branches and Aida gives fingerprint in colour to make wintersweet flowers.

    In this very Chinese-decorated studio, Aida find herself fall in love with Chinese culture. Apart from painting, she has learnt to play Guqin, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument, and the art of Chinese tea-making while she had family guests visiting. Probably the biggest accomplishment she has achieved is that Aida is able to well handle the Chinese language, as she often says in Chinese with pride “I love my husband, and I also love China.”


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