So...the Narrative has noticed Dharni

And I am most definitely a fan.

First of all, there's that whole accent thing...and y'all know how I feel about accents from the East.  And then there's the beatboxing thing; I've always been fascinated with the inhuman yet so human abilities of phenomenal beatboxers.

I ironically stumbled across Dharni while researching krNfx.  And while krNfx is most assuredly a genius, Dharni...just has...that extra...something.  You know?

You can follow him on Facebook. You know you want to.


  1. Oh my god! I am awed by his talent! It's so amazing that he can reproduce such complex sounds using only his mouth.... and yes, he is very easy on the eyes indeed, but I don't want to minimize his artistry by making his appearance the central focus, ya know? So much talent!

    1. For me it's his mannerisms, his personality, as well as his gift. He's so expressive and focused.

  2. I went to uni with a guy who looks very like Dharni, but Chinese with slightly longer black hair. Had a mad crush on him throughout the year. Told him years later whilst chatting online and he replied that he was blushing. Alas he wasn't into me, now married with a son. He was a really impressive guy - a leader, hard-working, organized, didn't take bullshit but compassionate, devoted to his sister (his mum died just before I met him and his sister was still quite young). Sometimes the expressive and focused men come with aphrodisiac effects - no joke.


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