'Racist' Frat Parties at Duke University by Kappa Sigma and the Administration Does Nothing About It???

Last week, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Duke University in Durham, N.C. was suspended for throwing an Asian-themed party which consisted of conical hats, geisha outfits, and intentional misspellings at the expense of Asian people and their culture.  However, this was not their first time being racist against other cultures.

There have been incidents reported where the fraternity had thrown parties making fun of African-Americans by putting on black face paint and wearing clothing as well as making fun of Native Americans as well.  The links are provided: 

Through all the signs of outward racism toward fellow students and different cultures at Duke, what has the Duke University Administration done to discipline and stop this from happening?  Incidents like these has happened several times and STILL the Duke University Administration has done nothing to protect its students?   What does this say about the integrity of Duke University?  Is Duke University's form of keeping silent and doing nothing been a way of saying that this kind of behavior is acceptable?

The students who made the party may have thought it was acceptable to make a party that they thought was 'Funny' at another race's expense, but it is NOT acceptable.  Sometimes you have to Teach people how you want to be treated, and standing up and voicing your opinion and being proactive and doing what is morally right is just the beginning.  Regardless of your race, WE as people need to stand up for what we know is wrong and unacceptable.  How can we move forward and make a change??? What are some solutions to this problem???


  1. Is Duke University's form of keeping silent and doing nothing been a way of saying that this kind of behavior is acceptable?


    The students who made the party may have thought it was acceptable to make a party that they thought was 'Funny' at another race's expense, but it is NOT acceptable...What are some solutions to this problem???

    As David So would say, we can start by not using ignorance as a crutch. These kids knew what they were doing, they knew it was wrong, they don't care, and they're not sorry. Moreover, the white supremacist system which governs that school supports their behavior.

    So the first step would be for us to view this situation from that lens.

  2. http://www.dukechronicle.com/article/duke-suspends-kappa-sigma-based-other-issues

    Granted, it's not nearly all that should happen, but there are organizations on that campus fighting a hard, and semi-successful, fight to make these people, and the school accountable. There has been a definitive response to this incident online, among social justice blogs and such. It has actually been refreshing to see, due to the fact that racism against Asian-Americans and Asians is usually swept under the rug so much. I think the student-run task force that will vet these kind of student social activities are a huge step forward. Hopefully, it will be implemented.

  3. Isn't Duke University the same school where a Black student was raped by those Lacrosse players?

    I agree with Ankh. You see it on TV, read about it,and people will tell you how derogatory stuff like this is.When you intentionally go out and use one's heritage to make fun of them..oh yeah..they know better. No excuses for their actions whatsoever. They just keep doing it over and over, that is why their actions are not justifiable and Im quite sure that after that incident with the Lacrosse players( So many people continue to discredit Crystal Mangum,but I still believe she was raped by those guys.There are still too holes in their story that does add up)they don't want to be known as the most racially insensitive school in the nation.

    I just get tired of people like them thinking they can do stuff like this and think that nobody is looking is looking at them. Though many colleges/Universities do it, it would make Duke look bad. I wouldn't want to send my child to school where I feel that my child isn't being treated right.

    1. "Isn't Duke University the same school where a Black student was raped by those Lacrosse players?"

      She was a student? I ask because most media reports I came across painted her as a stripper who cried rape because the team didn't pay her for her work. As if I didn't harbour mistrust for what passes as journalists today. >_<

    2. Leo Princess,

      You definitely can't trust journalists and with the Black stripper (From what I was told ,she was a student at an HBCU in North Carolina, not Duke). I remembered looking at this story feeling bad for her because once the Duke lacrosse privileged background came out and her background came, I knew from there that she was going to get badly railroaded.

      They accused her of lying and made the DA seem that he wasn't doing his job.Mind you that she has had her share of troubles, but with her it was about her picking the wrong men, wanting to be loved and defending herself from them.I just looked at a show last week where it was talking about Killer women. I found it to be offensive because it was putting her in a bad light. After the incident this girl is still being made to look like the bad guy.

      People may think the worse of this girl, but far as what those guys from Duke she was scapegoated big time. A couple of years ago, this man had a timeline and I bought her biography. This man used it because, he too,believed in this woman's innocence. I regretted that my comp acted up at the time and ended up getting rid of my bookmark of his blog, but it made a lot of sense and contradicted what supposedly happened with the woman. After also reading about what she said, I was more than convinced that she was telling the truth about the ordeal. Unfortunately, money can buy you justice, especially if you're a White man with privilege

  4. I notice something from the links posted about the blackface and "Pilgrims and Indians" in the comments.

    "If a black person dressed up as Buckwheat, it would be ok."

    Why in situations similar to the ones being discussed, it's always someone/people trying to reverse the blame back to black people or whoever in general? Same kinda thing with the "Pilgrim and Indians" apology.

    1. I've noticed that it always comes back to us.


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