The Blasian Narrative is now recruiting

If you've checked the Narrators' link up top recently, you've probably noted some folks were missing.  Some of our greatest voices who've been with us since this blog's inception are now moving on to start blogs of their own, and we wish them well.

This, of course, makes room for new blood, which always interests us.  New blood means new voices, new directions, new thoughts.

Our criteria:
1) You need to be either an Asian/Indigenous male or an African female.  Obviously.

2) Writing/vlogging has to be your passion.  As I was telling the Narrators in a recent "staff meeting",  this blog is a great place for writers, especially those who are unknown and still trying to get their bearing.  If you really want a career as an author, poet, screenwriter, or columnist, this is the place for you.  If you're an aspiring artist, this is also a great spot for you.

3) Make sure you are familiar with posting to blogs, uploading videos, and have at least a basic familiarity with html.

4) We have a preference for social commentators above all.  Someone who's willing to really analyze (and not just complain about) the world we live in from a political to cultural to historical to economic to an entertainment standpoint.

5) When contacting us, make sure to link us to any blog or video channel you currently contribute to so we can get a feel for your style.
What we are NOT looking for:
1) Someone seeking a date or spouse.

2) Someone to chronicle every move of every K-Pop star in existence.

3) Someone to bitch about being single/unwanted.

4) Someone who only wants to talk about romance/sex/dating.
We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Is there anyway that the racial criteria could be changed to male of Asian indigenous descent and female of African Descent? Please?

  2. I like to write fantasy. My stories represent my "political/social" views. I like writing about Africa but i am no good with politics, i like people to tell/teach me stuff about politics and world affairs. I can write about healthcare and science though. Anyway I am not an artsy person, even though I love to write (and read).

    I think I would love to read more short stories !!! And if people posted vlogs if they are brave enough that would be awesome. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT_-oiXth1k (I love vlogs).


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