The Takeover (2013) Revives "Worshiper" Discussion

I've completed an interview with writer/director Shequeta L. Smith. I have high hopes for this woman. Her short film The Takeover debuted on Valentine's Day and stars the very beautiful Chrystee Pharris.  The story involves two BFFs Tisha (black) and Ashley (white) who swap bodies and experience the LA dating scene in each other's bodies.

Tisha theorizes that if she were Ashley, she'd be drowning in dates, and while she's correct, there's a catch she didn't foresee.  Peep this excerpt:
I just watched The Takeover, starring the beautiful Chrystee Pharris. How did that project come about?

Girl, it was a mix of things. First of all, the dating scene in Los Angeles is pretty dry for black women. So one day me and one of my best friends out here decided we were going to try out online dating. So we sign up for this dating site and then it happens...nearly every black guy that I would even think to send a hello message to had some kind of disclaimer on his page that he ONLY likes Asian girls, Hispanic girls, pretty much anybody but a black girl. Needless to say I was offended and decided to exit stage left with the quickness. It's one thing to be ignored or discriminated against in person, but there's just something extra on it when it's happening on the World Wide Web. lol. A few weeks later, me and that same friend were out at this lounge in Hollywood where we were pretty much just people watching. There were a lot of attractive sistas there and plenty of handsome brothas as well. But for the most part, none of them were really talking to each other. The guys all seemed disinterested until these Kardashian wannabe girls walked up. Suddenly, the guys woke up and started surrounding these girls just how they do White Tisha in the film. After this, I knew I had to write something to address what's happening out here in La La Land. I thought it would be fun to do it as a bodyswap film since it's something me and my roommate from college, who is white, used to kick around.

The scene where Tisha is on the dance floor in Ashley's body is profound. It's one of the reasons I intend to keep tabs on Ms. Smith's projects for a long, long time. It also sums up the Worshiper concept I've mentioned numerous times here and on other blogs.


  1. As much as it was a short film, it carried a lot of weight behind it. Good God, I felt for Tisha though! I just knew the feels so well. If L.A is really like that, then I am living in the L.A part of the U.K. Black guys in Maidstone (the small number that there is) are EXACTLY like those Black guys at that party! Getting pushed, shoved and hoisted out the way to get to your White girlfriend. Haha! I found that bit to be quite funny, until it started getting stalker-y/creepy. And as much from the White girl point of view of getting guys to borderline harassment, Ashley still, at the end of the day much preferred to be in her White skin and get attention instead of get ignored like some Black women do by their "brothers" AND other men.
    Can you really say "Such is life?". Anywho, I am an aspiring artist and I was always told "quality is better then quantity" and it looks like the same logic can be applied to guys too! Haha!
    I loved this film! I thought it was great! And was it just me, but was Yoshi kinda cute too? I 'unno. I totes would! Garret too. Just to throw in the obvious!

    1. I may or may not have just e-mailed the actor to gush about how cute he is, not that I'm a stalker or anything. But seriously. GAWJUS.

    2. MAIDSTONE ? Bloody hell there is like NO BLACK PEOPLE :-P You need to move to London babe. You'll be chasing away the losers. Bating them away with a stick.
      The acting was so great though.

      Why do Asians like Hayden Penniterie ????

    3. @ Charles

      Did you really?

      @ 마리

      Why do Asians like Hayden Penniterie ????

      This might have something to do with it.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Yoshi is racially ambiguous.

    Honestly the main guy is FFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE SO FINE, but I he's like mixed right ? Ergh so hot, only LA has that kind of quality.

    But I'm guessing this is an american thing because i have not experienced this.

    I did have a guy come up to me an say "Hey i'm a medical doctor".....to which my response is
    "yeah, so am i" *walks away*....any guy that uses that as a chat up line is not worth my time.

  3. @마리
    Girl! I AM from London! Lol! I only moved out in to the sticks for Uni. I won't divulge what Uni I go to, because it is an utter embarrassment! Ha! (Thought I made the right decision at the time but alas, I was wrong!)
    After this academic year I have one more year left and I am going STRAIGHT back to London baby! I miss EVERYTHING so much! The whole experience has just made me appreciate London even more AND Black people! I never realise how much I miss seeing my people after being stuck in Maidstone for months at a time!

    A guy actually came up to you and said "I am a medical doctor". Oh Jesus, I would of laughed in his face just because I would think it was an actual joke he was telling and not a pick up line!

    Hayden Penniterie is like Jennifer Lawrence at the moment. Overrated blonde white girl. She murdered the Hunger Games for me. I was very upset about the lack of "anything" in the film adaptation.

    1. @rumdrunkmonkey: To be honest I've guessed which art college u go to...My older brother went to one in maidstone and farnham...Hahaha. He HATED it. Moved to London for Masters as was like "FREEDOOOOOMMMMM!!!!"
      Yeh, that chat up line was used in Nigeria to be fair.

      I'm so shocked that black guys think like this. It's so weird to me. Black guys I have met would "experiment" with a white girl and if they truly like her, yeah they would go out with her but never say they are better than a black girl.

  4. I think is interesting how she mentions that this doesnt happen as much to her in the east coast.

    I personally hadnt experience the invisible woman syndrome until I moved to the states. Back home in the DR I had no issues at all when it came to dating.

  5. You know...when I first posted this, I figured folks would go ga-ga for Yoshi.


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