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I’m picking up right where I left off with Unbowed. His Hotness…er WakaMain and president Duquesne (lower case “p” until he acts right) were in the midst of understanding each other. Duquesne asserts his power with “There are no chiefs are Beckwourth’s, Mr. Mani. No chiefs. No soldiers. Only students. And respect is not given, it is earned. Now I strongly suggest you try to correct the unfavorable impression I have gained of you.” Are you laughing with me? Duquesne needs to go somewhere. I’m desperate to change the spelling of his name to Ducaine.
Lest you think Duquesne is a trustworthy brother. Wait. Wait. A soldier nudges Waka Mani forward. Duquesne heads for the entrance. “Carry on, Lieutenant.” Irrelevant solider (let’s call him Nub) continues to force Waka Mani forward. Junius, who hasn’t followed orders and gone inside, is looking as smug as a bug in a rug. Apparently, he has every right to be. The prisoner is still bound. 

Nub grabs Waka Mani from behind. His Hotness turns to confront him. Lieutenant guts Waka Mani with the barrel of his rifle. He falls to the ground in pain. Lieutenant grabs him by the hair. Forcing Waka Mani to his feet, Lieutenant slams His Hotness into a big white pillar. Ouch. The outrage continues. Lieutenant jabs Waka Mani in the kidneys. Our hero turns around and glares. Big mistake. Lieutenant introduces his fist to Waka Mani’s gut. Like that’s going to break him. Waka Mani is defiant, hands tied and all. The once deadly pillar is now a support beam.


Lieutenant issues a right hook. Waka Mani is defiant still. Reverse hook next. Nub joins in with a kick. Cleola appears. No more hooking, kicking or defiant-ing. Empathy and sympathy seep out of Creola. She’s not as shocked as she might have been had she not known that her Mama was doing the nasty with Purdy. Turns my stomach. 

 “You best inside, Miss.” Buy a verb, Lieutenant. He mad and can’t get any more contemptuous if he tried. She’s interrupting a good two-on-one beat down. Physically abusing a hot tied up Indigenous man is fun. Note the sarcasm. 

Waka Mani rises to his feet, his eyes locked on her. There is understanding there. Sadly, the film crew only had one camera. Couldn’t afford a second one on a $400,000 budget. The reaction shots are priceless though. I’m already in love with this ship. What should we call it? Wakola? Clewaka? Clemani? Wakle? Help a sista out here.


The three commiserate. Lieutenant stops the beating because Cleola is a lady even if he hates the thought. Waka Mani stops fighting because Cleola is a lady. Nub has disappeared.  


Miss Cooper ruins it all. “Miss Banks. Inside. Now.” Nooooo! Brace for impact.

The second Cleola passes them, Lieutenant delivers a knee to Waka Mani’s gut. A decent man would have waited five more seconds. 

Miss Cooper demands to know where Cleola’s been. Cleola tries to lie about taking a walk, but Miss Cooper is large and in-charge. She orders Cleola to help Anna and beats a hasty retreat. Waka Mani’s beating is playing in the background. 

Cleola starts up the stairs. Anna is coming down with an armload of bedding. Cleola asks Anna what’s going on. Anna’s all haughty. “Timber N****r’s are here for the summer. Shame on you, Anna. You lack imagination. Historically speaking, “TN” was used for members of the Ojibwe Nation. This exchange explains why:

joe: hey, let's go ice fishin up north, hey?
moe: nah, dem timber niggers is all protestin again.
joe: about what?
moe: the history of abuse at the hands of the white man, or some shit like that
joe: fuck'em-let's go to Racine and get drunk!
moe: yah, dere hey!!

There is plenty of imagination over at the Jim Crow Museum website though. Their list included prairie n****rs, swamp n****rs, sand n****rs , boat n****rs ,European n****rs, potato n****rs, rice n****rs, ice n****rs, snow n****rs, red n****rs and just plain ol’ n****r n****rs. Folks just throwin’ the “N” word around like it’s on the verge of extinction.

Ahem. Cleola. “At Beckwourth?” Duh.

Anna unloads her bundle on Creola and tells her to take them downstairs while she gets the towels. Anna heads back upstairs. The beating is still playing as a soundtrack in the background.
Waka Mani flies through the door. Creola whirls around in surprise. Waka Mani is on his knees praying away the pain. Cleola, bundle in hand, takes a seat on the stairs to watch. Is that the lady-like thing to do? Waka Mani continues to pray. It hurts. At least his hands are free.
Breathing hard, still on his knees, Waka Mani glances at the door. He wipes the blood from his lips. He notices Cleola looking at him. “Why are you watching me?” He’s peeved. That voice. She’s indignant. “I am not.” She’s so proper. Mama would be so proud. You know, when she isn’t under Purdy.

Waka Mani rises up slowly like a snake balanced on its tail. His eyes are locked on hers. They are now eye-to-eye. “You lie.” Take that, chippy. Cleola quickly gets to her feet. “And you don’t have any manners.”


There. Take that, Hotness.

Cleola takes a step down. Waka Mani moves forward. She stops. “The others? Where are they?” He’s demanding. Rude. “You’ll need a man to escort you.” She’s breathing hard. I doubt she’s scared of him. Lieutenant and Nub are just outside the door. Where is Miss Cooper? One of her charges is in the corridor alone with an orgasm-inducing man. 

Cleola takes another step. He moves again. She stops. He moves in closer for an inspection. No subtlety at all.


“Take me to them.” Waka Mani’s slightly less demanding. “How dare you speak to me that way?” Yeah. How dare you? Locking his eyes on Creola’s, Waka Mani harrumphs, leans against the wall and folds his arms across his muscular chest. He dares something else, too. 

Slowly, he lowers his head and slides his foot beneath her dress. Yes, folks, he’s indicating that she’s too uptight and needs a good f**k. 


Creola makes the sound that many of us make when it’s good…toe-curling good. Oh wait. Creola’s a scared virgin. My bad. 

She gapes at the invading foot, breathing heavily. He’s eyeing her under his lids. In sync, they slowly raise their heads, eyes fastened on each other. Creola has to be creaming. Waka Mani leans forward, confident that he’s induced a Vir-gasm. “Am I not to join the others?”Creaola collects herself, controls her breathing and finds her voice. “I can’t help you.” Flagrantly haughty.

They hear footsteps. Miss Cooper!!! Creola bounds down a stair, takes Waka Mani by the arm and leads him away. They hide next to the staircase. Creola’s breathless again. It is Miss Cooper. She goes up the stairs. Waka Mani observes the situation with interest. He doesn’t know why they’re hiding. Me either. Miss Cooper though might mistake Creola’s breathlessness for joy, not fright. 

Creola takes a deep breath, pushes past Waka Mani, and tells him to follow her. She doesn’t give him a chance to move before she orders him to hurry.


(Poor man. He has a bossy wife, too. – Mr. H.) The husband wandered into this without context.

To be continued. 

 Note: Sorry folks. Mr. H. and I have tickets to basketball this weekend and then we’re off to a cold place further north Monday-Wednesday. I will get back to this series on Thursday. Happy reading.  

 DISCLAIMER: Unbowed is the copyright and intellectual property of FILMANTHROPIC and Mildred Lewis. No copyright infringement is intended, only thoughtful discussion. Perhaps a few more people will secure a copy of this marvelous film themselves.

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  1. Slowly, he lowers his head and slides his foot beneath her dress. Yes, folks, he’s indicating that she’s too uptight and needs a good f**k.

    My exact thought at that scene when I watched it: "This dude's brazen as hell."

    1. I've always loved that he never once toyed with her. He was genuine from the beginning. Part 3 will be delayed until tomorrow.

  2. I love this movie! Jay is so hot! He and Tembi acted so beautifully together,and let's not forget the lovemaking scene! He has a GREAT ASS!

  3. Love you recaps! Can't help but mentioned that you've misspelled Cleola's name (Creola) In this one. Guess all the hotness distracted you, lol.


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