What is it with the white guy always killing the Asian guys?

And didn't Olympus Has Fallen just come out?

I have to ask because I tend to keep a body count of sorts when it comes to Asian men. If you pay attention, you'll notice that Asians guy die a lot in white Western media.

What gives?

From Angry Asian Man:
The Wolverine follows the further movie adventures of Logan, everybody's favorite admantium-clawed X-Man. And as we've known for a while, it's set in Japan. 20th Century Fox is dropping a bunch of new content this week, including artwork, photos and a trailer. From the looks of things, Logan is going to be raging and killing a lot of Asian dudes in this movie. Check out the ridiculous poster with all the ninjas:

In addition to films like these (which often conveniently accompany any - and I do mean any - bad news out of Asia), there are now YouTube videos cropping up, like, every other month featuring some privileged twat-head bitching about Asians.

Just like America has made a concerted effort to use African American women as fodder, I've noticed a similar, consistent and even pricier effort towards Asian men.  What is that all about?  Like, I thought white guys weren't threatened by Asian men.  I thought they didn't even acknowledge their existence (sarcasm, by the way).

Just like I loathe watching Negroes get offed in American horror films, I have been sick of the Asian body count in American action films for decades.  And it's not just in films.  Am I the only one who notices how Asian guys die on TV shows (where they are neither stars nor guests stars, and sometimes don't even have any lines) for no damn reason?

I get that the paycheck and exposure can be good, but I really wish Asians - and all POC by extension - would stop taking roles like these.  I know actors like Edward Hong talk about the shortage of opportunities, and actors in general talk about needing to pay their bills, but we really have got to stop and ask ourselves: whom does this benefit?  Really?

If you're a nameless Asian stunt guy with no lines, and whose sole purpose is to get slaughtered on screen, whom are you benefiting?  Not Asian viewers, nor any viewers of color, I can tell you that.  The reward - the paycheck - may last a few weeks or months but the damage lasts much longer, I can assure you.  Whether you're trying to be a pioneer or not, or a role model or not, POC are looking for you, looking for your representation.  These shortages and limits in roles?  Those are deliberate roadblocks, obstacles thrown in the way on purpose to distort and diminish perceptions of POC.  You wonder why average white people view our lives as worthless and expendable?  Because in addition to cops taking out us with impunity, they see film after film after film literally glorifying their violence against us.

I don't care how good the money is.  Why the hell do POC willingly contribute to this?


  1. They're reaffirming their 'White is Right' male manliness. With all these pesky coloureds making inroads towards their own success, and not asking The Holy Saviour for help or opinions, they need to do something to make their shaky world feel safe and correct.

  2. Well they are killing all the Asian dudes cause they would have taken out all the black dudes. Plus they would have to explain why black people are in Japan. That would take away from the white people in the movie. duh! I was watching the trailer for GI Joe and wondered where were the black women. Why aren't black women in any action movies? Maybe someone can tell me of one that I might have missed. Until an Asian pulls a Tyler Perry don't hold your breath. And then people will complain because they do not like the way those movies are made. There needs to be an Asian who opens their own studio and starts making movies for other Asians to be in. Plus Asians need to turn out in force to support these movies like some blacks did for Perry films. A lot of people do not like his films, but he did give a blueprint on how to get the ball rolling. Cater to your own and screw what white people THINK POC want to see. Build a base and then you can branch out and make the movies you want to with your own heroes.

    1. Well they are killing all the Asian dudes cause they would have taken out all the black dudes. Plus they would have to explain why black people are in Japan.

      Reminds me of this one time I was watching Kiss of the Dragon with a roommate (white girl). I was like, "How come the nice old Asian man had to die?"

      She replied (sarcastically), "Because there aren't any black people in this film."

    2. Please I'm shocked when a black person makes it all the way through a horror movie. Of course, now I do not even think blacks are in horror movies anymore.

    3. Actually I can think of one action movie with a Black female lead...AVP Alien vs. Predator.


    4. Ooooh right. Forgot about AVP. Believe me, there was some grousing that Sanaa was the lead, and many feeling that the short-haired White female character who got done in by a chest burster was the real heroine. Go figure.

      If I knew the phrase back then, I would have gone, "Awwwwww. You mad? STAY MAD!"

    5. I fucking LOVE AVP!!!!

      People actually thought that blond chick (did she even have a name?) was the real heroine?

      Even if the lead alien Grid was the one who burst out of her chest, she was NOT the shero. Beetch, please.

      Yeah, them hoes can stay mad 'cause Sanaa owned it and looked good doing it.

    6. Man, I had forgot about AVP. I love that movie and the main reason is because she is in it! Acting in a role that isn't the typical "black girl" role. I guess I consider AVP more syfy then action even though there was action in it. I'm looking for black women to be in movies like the Fast & Furious or GI Joe. Not saying those are good movies by a long stretch, but I want to see a black woman for once handling a fast car or showing off some fighting skills.

    7. "many feeling that the short-haired White female character who got done in by a chest burster was the real heroine. Go figure."

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! NO WAY. I'm trying to wrap my head around that one.

      I loved AVP. I know some people didn't but I'm glad Sanaa took that role. Plus I love Predators. LOL

    8. I don't get why people think the white girl was the hero.... She was in like 30 minutes of the entire movie if that much!

    9. MEANIE!!!

      Damn it, we MUST be related. I fucking love Predator. Love everything about them; everything. If I could hop a shuttle to Yautja Prime, my fine black ass would have been gone last year.

    10. Amaya!


  3. This all reminds me of the modern day version of "The Black man(character) has to die first"insinuation.The only difference is that the message behind the deaths is more obvious .

    Angela Bassett said that she refused roles that would put her in a stereotypical light.I respect people like her. I cannot blame her for not wanting to make herself look like a fool. Hollywood do want POCs do be who they truly are.POCs cannot be the heroes of anything. If a White person isn't it..forget it! I agree, as a Black woman, I would refuse mammy or prostitution roles.If I was an upcoming Asian actor, I would refuse the kind of role discussed on here. It's not right that POCs have to be relegated to these roles. The worst roles that White actors get are B rated movies. The movie may suck,but their reputations are still in tact and they still be seen as heroes of the universe.

  4. That's easy. Asian guys are a threat. Asian Americans don't always know where they come from but how much longer is America going to be able to fool them, much less the rest of the world? You know it, I know it, Justin Lin knows it, Bruce Lee knew it, Ang Lee does respectably. Plus, overseas folks aren't always privvy to American racism so they come here to get their 15 minutes of fame, but it's only a matter of time. The As-Am movement is mostly indy and underground, don't even bother with Hollywack. As for As-Am actors reaching for a paycheck- well, money is certainly not a very high moral ground but they'll do what they gotta do. Matter of time. And stupid people will just be stupid. That said, check out how hot is this (slightly off topic...)??

    A threat. Yup.

  5. Wow this is my kind of topic. I don't even know where to begin.

    Has anyone ever noticed that in every movie where Asians are positive characters there's always a substantial number of Asian bad guys to compensate? Every Jackie Chan movie (Shanghai Knights, Rush Hour, Karate Kid), Romeo Must Die, Grand Torino....
    Is it just me or was that really just an opportunity for Clint Eastwood to throw the C word around a couple thousand times?

    In terms of creating their own representation I feel like Asians are definitely doing this--check out Youtube. There are many making an effort. I even personally know an Asian guy who is trying to direct his own films--racially focused ones too. But here's what I think. MOST Asians don't value their representation in media as much as blacks do--and I mean on a conscious level. I feel like with their collective wealth and power and some (as a diasporic group) with their connections to Asia could have been a Tyler Perry or Spike Lee by now if they wanted to. We did it--and we don't have their wealth.

    I personally don't feel it is a priority for them.

    Besides recent immigrant communities (if they are from China, Japan, Korea, India) have GREAT films in their mother-tongue already. As black people we don't really have that...unless you count BET or Nollywood.

    It's controversial, but IT NEEDS TO BE SAID (so no I'm not trolling). If Asians put more effort into Indie films, the same amount of effort they put into say---TAKING OVER THE BLACK HAIR CARE INDUSTRY or becoming doctors or rich in general etc. it could have been done by now.

    Therefore I do empathize with this injustice as a fellow POC, I used to really, really rally for Asians on this issue....but I feel like Asians need to stand up for themselves more here. I don't want to care more about their representation issues than they do.

  6. As for why Hollywood is beefing with Asians still? Well we all know --elephant in the room--yellow peril 2.0 China Rising and North Korea's nukes are the hot topics of the day now. I'm surprised Hispanics aren't being killed off at the same rate in films though. Aren't they the group supposedly set to surpassing the white population in the next few years?
    I'm curious if there's an analysis on that one somewhere....

  7. annndd this: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/entertainment/2013/04/olympus-has-fallen-anti-asian-slurs/63742/

  8. We also can't ignore the anonymity factor, the draw of the Faceless Asian Cannon Fodder. A bunch of faceless, nameless demi-humans who can be killed with impunity.

    And there's another issue. Viewers like Moi are always on the hunt to build new fandoms around actors of color. If I can't see your face and I'm not sure what your name is, how can I follow your career? How can I post pics and write fanfiction and swap vids with my partners in crime if I haven't the slightest clue who you are?

    1. I can help boost the signal.....(evil laugh)


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