So Jade sent us an interesting video.....

She was mostly interested in the guy from minute 5:00 onward, for obvious reasons.


  1. This is why I'm glad my kid likes Monster High dolls. They come in all colors and she loves them all. Although I will not lie, because I like history, I made sure my child had a variety so that she wouldn't, hopefully, get that idea in her head that the white one was prettier than the black.

    And then you have to think about location and availability. I have been to stores and you had aisles and aisles of white dolls and then a little corner where you might find a black doll. All others be damned b/c you were just out of luck. In these instances I would ask her what type she liked and then search everywhere else for a black version. She always had the opportunity to exchange and she never did. Monster High rules that dilemma out because most of the dolls are pink, blue, and everything else so you know it's all make believe.

  2. This is a loaded subject. The caretaker was wrong to push that the doll has to look like the little girl. The dude at the end has a wonderful view of the world and if everyone could think that way the world would be so wonderful. But truth is, there are places where a black person can be made to feel real small and inferior compared to a white person. And you have to insert wherever you can to kids that brown is pretty to. Hell, there's a girl at my kid's school that gets stank face every time mine or any other black kid is near (I tell the kid she should "accidentally" touch her every chance she gets, but that's another story) and I have to make sure mine knows that no matter how smart the girl is, her and her kin are still ignorant.

  3. Whew! I'm glad that my parents didnt do me that way. I got one White Barbie and A Black one which was called a Christie at the time.I never complained about them. I also remembered wanting the Spanish Barbie because of how she was dressed. Living a White neighborhood, I guess why they did it.

    Though I thought that both my the dolls were beautiful,my folks were probably jumping for joy knowing that I thought that I picked Black Christie as my most beautiful. I just liked her sun kissed long flowing hair. I mean she was very beautiful to me,I guess, because other than my folks and a mixed couple and their pyromanic sons(god forgive me ,they were awful!),other than magazines and people like Jayne Kennedy ,Judy Pace or Pam Grier, Black women wasn't exactly gracing the covers of them in the seventies.

    Another piece of irony is how I viewed myself through a woman in a grocery story. She was a brown honey colored Thai lady. I was this woman's color. Back then, I had no idea what being Thai, Black or anything else was.I was just happy seeing.. at least skin hue wise.. look like me. I was happy about that. I admit going through a little bit of an identity crisis in the day, but I knew who I was and had to problem accepting it

    I don't know if people watch the 50s version of the Twilight Zone, but in one of the episodes, a woman has gone into a world where the "pretty"people looked like boars and the "ugly" woman looked Lana Turner (may have been her). To the pig people the woman was unattractive though she wasn't. I was thinking beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If Blacks and other POCs was constantly exposed as White people are all of us would be çlassified as the same thing. We've been brainwashed to think other wise

    I love What Would You Do? with John Quiones. This scenario may have been acting, unfortunately this is also reality.

    1. Typos galore.

      Mistake one in paragraph 1)intended to say "I guess that is why they bought me one"

      Mistake two in paragraph 3)intended to say that "who look like me" in the third line. Also put "no"next to in the fourth line of it

    2. Hey M,
      Thanks for the blast from the past! I remember my Superstar Christie dolls :)

      I also remember the stories my Mom told about always having to search high and low for her or any other Black dolls I'd have on my birthday or christmas lists. Things are better now, but still like Vrum said, sometimes you just won't find them.

      Awesome video tho - that guy was amazing. And I loved the little end piece with the girls going off to play with each other, each with the dolls that "didn't look like them".

    3. Yep..those we the good 'ol days..lol!

      When I asked my mom that same questions, she always tell me that she was fortunate to have found the Christie Dolls( as well as Barbie). In her case, she was telling me that she had no problem getting me one.

      To be honest, I was really surprised to get those Christie Dolls like that. I didn't think( as well as my folks) think they would have any Black dolls considering where we lived at. I remembered going to the toy store with my mom to get an Easy Bake Oven. Then well pass the doll section. I mean, I would see Black Barbie and White Barbie. Far as the Spanish Barbie, they didn't have a lot of those dolls.

      Like you said times have changed and the quantity of dolls for Black girls have changed,but Vrum is correct some store still think " Black " ?" / "White" when it comes to products. I go in stores for something just as simple as Panty Hose and perm kits. I remembered looking at all of these perms kits..but all of them were primarily for White people. I only seen one Dark and Lovely Kit,but it wasn't for my hair type. I mean, I know that the White residences outnumber the Black ones where I live. Still, I also see enough Black faces to warrant more Black perm kits and I told one of the managers about that. I guess he must considered what I said because there were more Black perm kits on the wall.

      It was. I 've been watching that show for a nearly a year now. That guy is a real sweetheart. He couldn't have been more right in what he said. I also liked that part ( the girls playing with each other). far as the dolls I had, it didn't matter to me , either. I just did what I wanted to do with them. I could never be so adamant that I wouldn't let my kid play with doll because it's not Black or White. Pride comes from what you learn, love and take to heart about who you are. That was what my folks taught me.

  4. Jade

    Thanks for posting this. I had mixed feelings about the beginning of the episode just because I would cringe a bit if my daughter wanted a white blonde doll just because I would be concerned about her level of self esteem. Her having a rainbow would be fine, I just wouldn't want her to think of herself as less than or "unpretty" and showing that through her doll choice. Growing up I was very anti barbie actually because as a tomboy I was not into the barbie way of life with the clothes and dream house and whatever else I felt was feminization being thrust down my throat. Also I much preferred to go to the mall than pretend to lol. Despite my protests I got them all the time lol. I did love the hair one though I have to admit.

    I just felt so warmed by the guy and I have had conversations with my father who despite saying he likes asian people he gets angered at his belief that they don't stand up for blacks (or at all). He thinks that blacks do all the work in clamoring for change and the benefits are reaped by asians who wouldn't necessarily fight for blacks in return or recognize the contribution. When I watched this, I thought of him. I loved hearing Emmanuel directly say he felt hurt by the comments made against african american children.

    1. "..I have had conversations with my father who despite saying he likes asian people he gets angered at his belief that they don't stand up for blacks (or at all). He thinks that blacks do all the work in clamoring for change and the benefits are reaped by asians who wouldn't necessarily fight for blacks in return or recognize the contribution."

      That is really unfortunate that your dad fills that way.


      You have probably seen this photo before but if not then it may help with having an interesting discussion with your father. There was also an article about how there were Americans of Asian descent who were against anti-affirmative action attacks since the benefits were experienced by them as well.

      And that guy around the 5 minute mark was amazing with his explanation. Everyone else was good but they seemed more concerned with just getting the child a doll they wanted more so than convincing the caretaker/"parent" of why their way of thinking was actually damaging to the children. Really enjoyed the video although I was disappointed with the "Black President" excuse that is often used to dismiss real issues in society that concern race.

    2. Yeah i had mixed feelings too. Because of the black/white doll experiment i would want my daughter to choose the black doll. The boy at the end = my future husband. All Gods people are beautiful :-)

  5. I was kinda surprised he started crying, b/c to me it looked like the brotha was FUMING.

    This show has always been interesting to me but sometimes I cringe at how comfortable the "actors" are with some of the insults/derogatory speech, considering it's mostly improvised.


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