The Narrative Loves Our Gay Blasian Brothers

Blasian Gay Love is an awesome Facebook page I stumbled across and want to promote to any of our gay brothers who read this blog.

Upon reading page's awesome mission statement, I instantly had mad respect.

Right now we are promoting the Asian philosophy of love into gay community. Love is not about hot sex. When your heart is at peace, you are in love. Sounds impossible?


The group promotes communication & understanding between two different cultures.* No swingers or playaz pls!

Company Overview

It is a place for black and Asian gay men looking for serious dating and relationships. It is also a place for Blasian/Blacknese gay couples to demonstrate their love and to discuss their problems in a relationship.


Minority for Minority. We don't need the endorsement of mainstream gay culture!

The writer must be my brother from another mother.

So heteros, by all means, pass the links along and show your support. Enjoy the copious amounts of eye candy. However, heteros, this would be one of those Facebook pages where you would mainly read, support, and learn, learn, learn, but not comment too much...just FYI.

Additional Information
Basic Info

Founded 2010.


Water that is thicker than blood.
*Sound familiar?


  1. Niiiiice! *thumbs up*

    1. *nods* When it comes to posting eye candy, we Narrators are but humble amateurs.


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