Superman: 'Man of Steel' Movie, Watch in Movie Theatres OR wait til it's on Netflix???

'Man of Steel' is released in my area on June 14th and there has been an overwhelming amount of anticipation for this movie.  Not only because it has been directed by Zack Snyder but also because it has been produced by Christopher Nolan, the producer of the 'Dark Knight Trilogy' and 'Inception'.  If you enjoyed some of those movies based on the action sequences, story, and visuals then it is hopefully a safe bet that 'Man of Steel' will hopefully live up to the hype.

Questions from fans, a lot of people are wondering if this is a reboot or if this is a sequel to the previous Superman movie that came out 'Superman Returns'.  Honestly, I thought that movie was overall very impressive from start to finish, but there could of been a few more cool action scenes though.  Is it just me or was the scene where the guy shot superman right in the eye was ridiculously epic and hilarious at the same time?

From what I could tell, this movie is a complete reboot of the Superman Movie franchise starting all the way back when Superman left Krypton.  I am personally anxious to see how everything comes together overall and I really don't want to go into the movie with expectations so I won't.  If I am entertained and there's a solid story, then I'll be raving about it with no spoilers, at least for another couple days.  lol. 

'Man of Steel' comes out on June 14th so I will definitely be checking it out.  Will you see it in the Movie theatre or at home???  Btw, who would win in a Fight: Batman OR Superman???


  1. Hmmmmm...I don't know.

    Superman has been out so much .I'veseen someof them,but he's been remade so much end the results have been lukewarm.It just was nothing exciting about it.

    Now I will admit, this time around, this version looks interesting.Even the music seems ok. I want to go but I would hate to put a lot of money in something that may suck. My cousin likes to watch movies.Sometimes she'll go withme or with her friends.I'm hoping that she'll go see it before me and I'll get her verdict on it.Most times our opinions coincides very well.

  2. Err....Superman would win. He has actual super powers.

    They've been doing a lot of this recently with Spiderman and such. I think it's because they are planning to do a film with these guys together. Kind of like the Avengers. Marvel confuses me.

    I'm not as excited as I was for ST, even more excited for After Earth, mainly cause Will Smith totally visited BIGBANG in Korea to promote the film and I love anything Will Smith. But i'm going to see it at the cinema. It's a summer movie, and it's a day out with the fam.

    But as I said to my comic-obsessed friend, Chris Nolan makes everything DARK, like too DARK and DEPRESSING, the only batman film I liked personally was the one with the late Heath Ledger in it. That was AWESOME, mainly cause of Heath.

    I just hope that it doesn't focus too much on the back story.

  3. Ah...ancient geek question.

    Superman would step all over Batman...literally.

  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/22/matt-bomer-gay-superman-role-jackie-collins_n_2002885.html
    Needless to say; I'm not seeing this shit. And does everything need to be super gritty and directed by the same guy? I thought we were done with these two.

  5. I really like the preview but I am not a fan of superman. I haven't seen the Dark Knight trilogy so I am unfamiliar with that film style. I am not sure if I am willing to spend money to watch it so will probably wait on netflix. Batman vs Superman..Superman unless Batman can use his billions of dollars to create artificial and effective kryptonite otherwise Superman ftw.

  6. not watching it
    this voice over trailer is another reason why i cannot take this movie seriously

    could be posted along side this trailer yeah?

    back to lurk mode for me

  7. Got to see Superman and I admit I was...pleasantly surprised.

    Initially, I thought that it was going to be a run of the mill kind of movie, but this Superman was well put together..along with having a hot guy to play his character..lol! Really though, it was a good movie. I'm glad that I got my money worth from it.I would have been pissed if the movie sucked.


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