Appropriating the Smooth Chest

Does any else remember how in the 1990s - and pretty much every decade before it - men with really hairy chests were all the rage?  And for those who do remember, have you noticed how quickly that particular aesthetic preference vanished in the early 21st Century?

You're probably blinking at the screen now and wonder why I'm even bringing this up.  It recently occurred to me that certain folks aren't only appropriating full lips, dark(ened) skin, and big behinds.  They've also appropriated the smooth chest and as usual, conveniently forgotten to so much as mention the folks who are generally blessed with smooth chests naturally.

Don't tell me I'm the only one who's noticed that.

There was a time when certain folks couldn't wait to point out the hairlessness of Asian men.  Now...not so much.  There was a time when a hairy chest was a sign of rugged masculinity.  Now, the word "waxer" has smoothly entered the common tongue, slipping in like a thief in the night, with no one really stopping to grill hairy men as to why they've changed their minds.



  1. 'Manscaping'.

  2. To be honest I never really thought about why men were all of a sudden hairless. The ones I know who are into bodybuilding shave their chest and legs to have better definition for shows. Everyone else I just thought was adopting the porn industry standard of everyone trying to look under twelve from men to women.

  3. Here's a theory:

    Those attributes, and other characteristics people of color naturally have, have always been attractive. The problem for whites is the fact that those traits are not very common for them. Therefore, to maintain white supremacy, whites had to brainwash their culture into thinking those attributes are undesirable, the same way modern men have been brainwashed into thinking stick-figure women are attractive.

    The big changes in attractiveness seem to coincide with the advents of processes or technologies that allow whites to have these physical features. whites now have surgeries that can give them full lips or bigger behinds. Tanning beds are more common around america, and laser hair removal allows for a smooth chest without constant shaving or waxing.

    It's just a theory.

    1. More food for thought. I'm ruminating over this tonight.

    2. Oh, Ballisto. Ballisto, Ballisto, Ballisto.

      What...what did we do before you came along?

      The big changes in attractiveness seem to coincide with the advents of processes or technologies that allow whites to have these physical features.

      ...It's just a theory.

      A theory which pretty much nails it.

  4. Oh yeahhhh....and I'm glad that you brought this up.

    About a week ago,I was looking at a reports talking about men getting procedures to remove body hair from their chests.Ain't that funny? White society equates a man's masculinity to body hair yet some of these same people are going out and getting rid of it.

    Funny how they tell minorities something is wrong with who they are but copies them. This is why I'm proud of who Iam and how much other POCs should be proud of who they are.

  5. No matter what white folks "standard" has been, I've always loved the smooth skin Asian men are blessed with. So now it's in vogue, and in five years they'll change it back to hairy. No matter. I know what I like and it has nothing to do with whatever foolishness is being spouted by The Usual Suspects.

    1. in five years they'll change it back to hairy

      *shudders at the thought*

      I don't know though. With all the money to be made in hair removal business, this trend may be around for a while.


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