Falling for Eve (2010)

(h/t Dulce Vita)
...Falling For Eve depicts a re-imagining of the story of creation, interplay between Adam and Eve, and how God dealt with it all, emotionally. Although this retelling is more a caricature than an attempt to educate, there's nonetheless plenty to take away from the play.

Beyond the interesting and innovate take on the story, the cast delivers a well-rounded performance led by Jose Llana in the role of Adam. While all the cast members have the proper training in voice and dance, Llana demonstrates incredible comedic timing and body control that provide the most raucous laughs in the 90-minute show. He's also perfectly cast, perfectly suited to play the first man on earth.

Krystal Joy Brown stars as Adam's soul mate, Eve, and shows off her outstanding vocals in the show stopping mid-performance "Where Will I Sleep Tonight?" Between Llana and Brown, the musical has two stars carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders


  1. Now THAT's a great looking couple!!

  2. I'm ready for a real life blasian celebrity couple!

    1. Thank You! I keep forgetting them because they are so under the radar. Or maybe that is the way the media wants it. You barely hear anything about her yet Jennifer Aniston postpones her wedding and it was headline news. Oh wait now I remember why we don't hear about them!

  3. oohh WOW.
    Thanks for this :)

  4. The look great together, the photos show that the performance must have been lovely.


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