PoC and Empathy - Part 1

Throughout my years as a denizen of the Internet, I have noticed a rather peculiar phenomenon: any article, video, or picture that even tangentially involves race will have at least one racist comment. Therefore, I should not have been surprised to have seen, underneath an article about how young women in China often rent fake boyfriends to appease their nosy parents, the following comment: “...and they wonder why Asian girls are going for white guys in droves!” I have no idea how the commenter was able to use an article about meddlesome parents to conclude that Asian men are innately inferior, but that conundrum is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that this person is aware of the existence of inequality, but instead of attributing it to prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination, he opted to use inherent superiority/inferiority of races as an explanation. Unfortunately, as we all know, this type of reasoning is all too common amongst those who live lives of greater privilege.

My current goal is to convince People of Color to see how the consequences of racism might be different for different races, but the underlying mechanisms are all the same. Only then can we start to build a coalition to destroy white supremacy.

In this first installment, I would like to introduce the “Yeah, us too” concept (perhaps someone else can come up with a better moniker). Basically, it’s the moment when something racist happens to someone of a different race, but you can completely empathize with their situation. For example, I’m sure you’re all aware of the problem involving the Cheerios commercial, the one that coincidentally includes a black man and his daughter. Their race is not germane to the situation at all, and yet somehow, against all odds, whites figured out a way to be racist. Seriously? They accuse us of “playing the race card” whenever we talk about race and then, very ironically, pull this shit? But I digress, when I first heard of this, I definitely had a “Yeah, us too” moment.

That’s all for now. What do you guys think of my first post? Should I continue with this series, or is it off the mark?


  1. Non sequiturs are a dime a dozen all over the 'Net these days. Race & ethnicity is just one of them, I'm afraid :/

    I'm glad you brought up this topic Ballisto. More often than not what affects group A may not necessarily be empathized by group B, C, etc. This despite the fact that we all suffer from the effects of white privilege/supremacy; its fulcrums being antiBlackness and Yellow Peril, among others.

    Still on the part of most PoC from what I gather, we tend to fall into the tiresome circle of Oppression Olympics, to see who outdoes the other in socio-cultural group suffering. Such a mentality is divisive and cumbersome, to say the least. Granted that not everything is happy happy joy joy in terms of intra-PoC relations (the LA riots of '92 comes to mind) but I daresay that for good or worse, these interactions are real guts & bones. In short, as human as it comes. Something I've largely never really experienced with white folk, strangely enough.

  2. If there is one thing I like about this website is that it has a lot of knowledgable people.. whether it's the storyteller or the posters, they know what they're talking about. You're no exception . Far as your post, it's a great one.Far as discussing the subject, I seen that Cheerios commercial..and LOVED it!! Really.. I thought that it was cute and mostly a reflection of the real world. The problem with ..in this case.. racist Whites is that they are looking at a mirror of themselves.

    Its ironic that you brought this up.I was having a discussion about race with a friend of mine. We both ask why should them same people be mad at something their ancestors created? All of that greed, colonialism, slavery and racism.. all of those acts they committed in North America was because of these things.What did they think the end result would be?and it has and will continue to backfire.

    Along with those racists seeing the "masterpiece", I also think that another problem that they have is that a Black man is playing her husband. If there are two things they are afraid of is this and you probably have heard about an educated Black man being a threat to White society(look at how the Prez is being done,). I would often (far as the Black man being with White women) ask why the paranoia? I mean, its just weird and sad how they would accuse Black men of rape, though they were doing it to Black slavewomen as well as other POCs.Black slavemen had no power so how were they we're going to a threat to them?

    I tripped out about what a racist said it was "genocide" ..lol! I almost fell when I heard that. I thought that the event is forced and dangerous. That was Hilter did with Jews. That commercial is about the real world. I couldn't wait until someone did this. I very always at Cheerios since I was a child. I still eat it (the honey nut one that is). I m glad that General Mills had the guts to do this. I'm hoping that many more will follow suit.

    No need in the racists being upset. They made their bed and they may as lie in it.

  3. Uh, YEA. Continue, please.
    You have my attention. Welcome!

  4. I say go for it. I think it can become an interesting group of posts and I'm interested in the future discussions and potentially adding my own input as well.

  5. Great post! And yes please DO continue. I think this is a very important topic. One of the tactics white supremacy uses with POC is divide and conquer. You saw some of that with certain ads that were run during the last election trying to put a wedge between Latinos and Black people.

    I hear a lot about how the entire world is 95% POC or whatever the percentage is, and yet... white supremacy has a firm hold throughout the planet. So it is not enough to just have the numbers, but to be actually in solidarity. Stick up for each other, stand up alongside each other, fight for each other. Refuse to divided, and refuse to succumb to the racism that is endemic in this society and many others.

  6. *sniff* Told you this was a good idea.

  7. Continue please! This is an awesome post and I can't wait to read the following posts to this series.

  8. /watch?v=qM7Q1mNg5q0 <--- LOL SHE PUT THE CHEERIOS ON HIS HEART !!!! , no i'm not american so i had not seen this advert. Had to youtube. England have mixed couples in their adverts ALL THE TIME, even at the Olympic opening ceremony....A mixed family representing England....!!!!

  9. Thanks for all the support! I will definitely continue with more articles!


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