AMBW: Trayvon Martin

I haven't posted in a good while. And I really didn't want this to be my returning post but I feel this is very necessary. Alot of times, the whole 'ambw' mess is a bit immature but this is a reality we all have to deal with now.


  1. For those of you who are new to this blog: this right here...this is what we're about.

    Leave it to Chris to boldly bring up the topics other folks don't generally talk about in the Blasian world, either because they haven't had the foresight to or because they don't want to wreck the mood.

    But it needs to be said.

    I'll be honest; I don't really have any plans to have children, but that's mainly because I live in the USA and I don't think growing up here is good for any child. If I move abroad in the next few years to Asia or Africa and get married, I may change my mind.

    But the fact that I'm a black woman who will have black kids regardless of whom I marry has never left my thoughts, and ever time I read a story like Trayvon Martin's, or Darius Simmons's, or Jordan Davis's or Rekia Boyd's - a female - the reality of my situation is brought sharply into focus.

    That being said, bullied-induced deaths of kids like Danny Chen - who was only 2 years older than Trayvon - and Zong Vang, who was friggin' 13 when Omer Ninham threw him off a building...justy a year younger than David Phan...these boys are also on my mind.

    As a Blasian community, we really do need to talk about all these beautiful young people dying for nothing other than being who they are. For all you young Blasians all flushed with the promise of what might be, you gotta think about these things and band together to protect the next generation of Blasians, 'cause trust and believe this country does not have their backs.

    Excellent post, Chris. Always a pleasure.

  2. I understand your feelings well for I have lived in fear for the lives of my two brothers (and their sons) since they were born. I used to have nightmares about the horrible things that could happen to them as they simply existed while Black men.

    More to your point about having children who look Black, many years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. After considerable drama, my first true love and temporary husband (annulled) and I were blessed with a beautiful little girl. Though I do not possess the mother-gene, I understood that I owed it to my girl to give her the best life possible.

    At the time, her father agreed, and most of our time was spent trying to manage the two countries, two cultures, and one child business while simultaneously being poor and still in undergraduate school. One day, seemingly out of the blue, he got on his hands and knees and begged for custody and for permission to move back to the Honduras.

    Though he never told me what he had experienced, his reasoning was sound: "America is a not a safe place to raise our daughter. In the Honduras, she'd be my daughter. Not a target."

    A couple of months later, passports secured, we all packed up and moved to his tiny village. It was no place for me, but it proved to be the perfect place for her. To this day, I've never regretted that decision because he was right. Boy or girl, America is not a safe place for a Black child.

    Ironically, my daughter currently thinks she's the reincarnation of Ida B. Wells and she began marching for Trayvon shortly after my grandmother passed away. I've been scared shitness since.

  3. When I heard about the verdict, I wasn't upset .Oddly, I was calm.. not because I was indifferent about Tray on..never.but rather that most Blacks already knew about mostly White jury.. that they weren't going to convict GZ.Its a proven fact that we have known for ages. Media was shocked...and maybe saddened that they didn't the big riots like they wanted (a little in Cali, but nothing worthy to splatter on TV) .They think that PSA has something to do with it. Nope! We all expected what was coming. History has taught us that. I also think that his parents being involved in law enforcement may also had a lot to do with it. I just funny that GZ got away with beating his girlfriend, another man and especially a police officer. If civilians like us would have done half of the stuff he did, we would have gotten some jail time. Ironically, some stars haven't got got away with the things that he did.

    I'm at a point in my life without sounding indifferent, that I expect anything to happen to me . It has happened to my brother and my own sister. The first time I learned about race was at the age by the age of 7 thru my brother. I would first learned about racism at age 16 when I visited Penn State and would go through a couple of more incidences of it.Again as long as I'm Black/POC, I expect to be picked on because of who Iam. Does it bug me ?of course but that is the US for you.

    I don't have kids, but I have three nephews. So far, they are doing OK,but we have taught them about the real world... about how they will be judged because of race in some ways. My eldest nephew loves going to skatepark near his grandmothers and there are a lot of White people that are moving back in the community. He loves taking the short cut to the neighborhood store in the community. I told him not to go through that particular neighborhood because 1)a lot of break ins have taken place in that community 2)if something happened he will be the first one to be accused of being a robber 3)Whether they're doing it or not, I will always suspect that I will be eyeballed by them no matter what. I just pray that well all be safe.. not from the criminals but from a racist judging society

    Sometimes, I wished I was an army brat. Then I would know about places.Racism may be a world wide problem but the US is horrible when it comes to racism.It doesn't make any sense the kind of evil were seeing here. Its inhumane
    In spite of the injustices that is taking here,I'm not going to let my detractors bring me down. I'm going to keep my head up as high as I can. I woudnt want for them to win.

    I'm going to keep praying for Trayvons family. They may have been let down by the courts but god will not disappoint them he will be there during our time of need. Him and his racists detractors may celebrate his death,but God is going take care of all of them.Like some people say, I,too, hope that he will enjoy his freedom because he wasn't right. I also believe that the truth will come out (I smell a rat with this whole case but that is another story) and when it does, if I'm still alive, old ,crazy or crippled I hope that I will see it.

  4. For anyone interested I wrote a bit (some theory, analysis and wry humour in the mix) about my thoughts on this case. I'm posting here only cause I like sharing my thoughts and don't have many outlets to voice them. The Link: http://pisceaninfinite.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-zimmerman-circus-aka-feel-free-to.html

    Other wise...this whole situation is such a shame. I was also angry with how Dr. Shiping Bao was treated in this case, simply because of who he was and how he spoke. No one made any effort to try and understand his perspective in the slightest. Along with all other POC involved.

  5. I think blasian kids asside we are all in this together. Anyone hear about the tweets post-Asiana disaster re:driving stereotype?? This world is in a precarious place right now and some people are feeling threatened. Stand Your Ground is sounding alot like Bush Doctrine/Pre-emptive strike to me.

    1. Oh God yeah and it's sickening! I think that the US has to be the one of the most dangerous and prejudiced country on the world. Like I often say on here I'm not nearly as scared of of criminals as I am with law enforcement. At least you know what the criminals motives are against you.

    2. I'm scared of both which is a crying shame. Stupidity on both sides with innocent people getting caught in the middle.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and in an honest and open way. I have a two sons and a daughter and I fear for them everyday. I am sending my sons to live with their father in Hawaii once they hit their teen years, not only because of profiling but because it seems young black men are endangered, not only from trigger happy bigots, but hate-filled gun toting thugs as well.


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