'The Wolverine' Movie Review: Did it Meet Your Expectations???

'The Wolverine' Movie came out this past Friday and I just recently had the opportunity to check it out.  As an X-Men fan from the cartoon TV series that was on Fox on Saturday mornings where he was extra bad@**, I did my best to walk into the movie with no expectations just in case it was overly hyped and I was disappointed on the way out.

SPOILERISH ALERT!!!  The commercials and trailers all pretty much give you a sense of a bombing that takes place and it's actually the famous atomic bomb blast from Hiroshima, Japan.  Yes, Wolverine is that old because of his mutant healing power.  lol.  Anyway,  I thought that whole scene from old school Japan was very interesting.   Especially the part where some of the Japanese soldiers committed suicide, 'Seppuku', to have an honorable death.  I've actually only read that or seen it in animes, but not too much in an actual main stream movie.

The way the movie blended and shared the differences and beauty of the Japanese culture were great.  The parts I'm referring to are when Wolverine and the girl have a conversation about honor and dishonor about her Father was very real.

Some of the other parts in the movie that I was pleasantly surprised about was that they showed the Japanese style baths with the two women 'disinfecting' Wolverine and also the 'Love' Hotel where they picked the 'Mission to Mars' room.  Funny mini-scenese but definitely interesting to watch in the movie.

As an X-Men fan there were a few parts that kind of got me questioning a few things though. First, the mutant snake woman (I forgot here name) infected wolverine somehow with some creature to stick to his heart.  In my mind I'm thinking, why didn't Wolverine's mutant healing power destroy that thing??? Second, the main evil villain tried to take Wolverine's healing power which he kind of did.  At that moment, I was like,  if he took his power, then him getting stabbed by a knife should of been healed, right???  I don't know either. lol. Just to throw it in there, the Adamantium Samurai kind of reminds me of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just saying. lol.

Third, Wolverine get his claws chopped off which are just skeletons of himself.  Once he lost his bad@** Adamantium claws, I was like "Noooooooo!!!".  Now all he has was bones as claws now which aren't as cool.  Is anyone else wondering how he's going to get those Adamantium claws back???

Can Magneto help him out with this please??? What did you think of the movie???  What could have made it better??


  1. Wait...what's your verdict on the movie?

    1. Ankhesen - I thought the movie was good overall, the plot was confusing at parts, especially with the naive Ninja guy. A few more action scenes here an there in the movie could have made it better. What did you think?

    2. I haven't seen this and wasn't really planning to. Like, I'm an X-men fan from way back, but I prefer to focus on characters like Storm and Rogue.

  2. Yeah... When I was watching and saw the adamantium suit, the first thing that popped in my head was "MECHA SHIVA! MECHA SHIVA!" I could not stop giggling for the rest of the movie, each time I saw it.

    Around 2:25...


    Liked the moview well enough. My theory of why that thing wasn't destroyed is because it was made out of adamantium, wasn't it?

    1. Wait a sec...hasn't it been a while since we've seen you 'round these parts?

  3. I heard that he can regrow the adamantium as "beta adamantium" due to it taking on the property of bone after it was bonded to his skeleton. I haven't actually done the digging in the comics myself so this is 2nd hand but yeah! This movie made me appreciate the Japanese I do know, I was listening in to the background conversations haha. It wasn't my favorite X-Men movie though if I am to be honest but it wasn't bad.


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