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I need to mention something that I've been meaning to say since the pilot. From a creative standpoint, the big question of the show is supposed to be "Is he or isn't he (a sociopath)?" But from the moment I saw his family, neighbors, schoolmates, I asked from a sociological standpoint, "Why wouldn't he be?" Who wouldn't be, in that community? You've got parents flashing fake smiles at everyone, lying through their teeth and leading empty lives, while the kids drink and screw (and poison) their way out of boredom and rivalry. No one feels anything, or thinks about anyone but themselves, so of course they'd have to learn to mimic human emotion.

As you may have guessed, I finally watched the mid-season finale of Twisted and since it's the mid-season finale, I've decided to watch the last ten eps premiering in January, 2014.  The least a blogger can do for a new show which started out seemingly okay is watch the first season to the end.

That being said, I'd like to remind everyone in advance of another supposedly diverse show (also with a Blasian romance) that went on a four-month hiatus and came back with all new writers.  Remember how well that ended?

But let's get back to the train wreck at hand, shall we?  By all means, let's get back to a show where three brown kids - Rico, Danny, and Lacey - are all throwing themselves at the white girl's feet and begging pathetically for forgiveness, and I'm not particularly clear as to why, no matter how many vanillacentric ways it's explained to me.  As far as I'm concerned, when your privacy is violated and your business is flashed around town, you don't have to apologize for neither jack nor shit to anybody.

I mean just look at the sheer patheticness.  You've got Danny begging for forgiveness and trying repair their friendship while appearing apologetic and guilty about the fact he still feels for Lacey (guess it's not just "passion" after all, eh Avan?).

I don't understand how Jo could just turn her back on him over not sharing her romantic feelings? How in the world does that even run through her head. This made all of Jo's past actions in helping Danny be all about her and her feelings. She wasn't there for Danny. She was there for herself. And if she couldn't get him to want her romantically, she was through with him. Jo has a lot of growing up to do. I think she will do that next half season with the careless mistakes she made in the finale.

Does anyone else recall my saying something similar?

A while back on the Bar I talked about how Brown Love was in danger on this show.  People often say "Black love" but it's actually Brown Love, because regardless of which combination of brown people, Hollywood has declared war.

That's why POC are often paired with white folks in film and on TV, because when they're paired with one another, the romance is vaguely implied or something always has to go wrong.  Twisted is merely the latest example about how Hollywood hates having to include brown people in anything.

Again, this is nothing new; we've been here countless times before.  I mean, let's do a quick roll call, shall we?

Danny Desai - Brown kid of East Indian descent, supposed to be the star of his show, hasn't been relevant for over two months.  Pariah, outcast, scapegoat, target of physical violence every other week or so.  Possibly a murderer.

Vikram Desai - East Indian American character, supposed to be Danny's father and thus relevant and yet has appeared in exactly two flashbacks.  Possibly involved in criminal activity, so much that he had to fake his own death.

Lacey Porter - Brown girl of African descent from a dysfunctional family, replete with divorced black parents who constantly argue.  She has presumably slept with at least two people on this show while Jo was apparently pure and virginal the whole time.

Rico (Still no friggin' last name) - Nerd of Latino descent, King of All Things Awkward and Socially Inept.  Jo's personal love slave...were she to actually find him desirable, that is.

Principal Mark Tang - Brown man of Far East Asian descent.  Comedic relief, and not in a good way.  Sexual laughingstock with a fetish for blonde hair and apparently no qualms about cheating on his wife.

Sarita (Still no last name) - Scowling brown bitch of unspecified descent, but most likely Latina.  The actress is Latina and "Sarita" is a Spanish name.  Living definition of one-dimensional.

Jana (Still no last name!) - Queen Regent of the Ditzes, and I do mean All, hail.  Brown girl of Far East Asian descent; most notable for obsessing over a white boy who hooked up with her one night mainly because he needed a ride home.

Clara Porter a.k.a. The Invisible Clara - Lacey's younger sister of legend.  I didn't even realize Lacey had a sister until the episode with Clara's birthday party where we never see Clara.

As far as I can tell, this episode had exactly two moments that were worth anything: Danny admitting he still cares for Lacey, and the non-surprise that his father Vikram (TJ Ramini) is still alive.

What did y'all think?


  1. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt255844/board/threads/218943011/

    I basically posted the samething like the beginning of your post. These people in this town are all sociopath or aliens incapable of human behaviour, at this point I feel thats how the writers want us to see them.

    I find this show so bizarre I really don't know what I am watching most of the time.

    The observations about Rico's browness actually never accured to me before so seeing it from that POV makes everything that bit more dubious.

    As you said from a sociological point of view, the sign into town should read 'welcome to Sociopleasant' step into a new dimension.

    1. The observations about Rico's browness actually never accured to me before so seeing it from that POV makes everything that bit more dubious.

      And why doesn't he have a last name!!!

  2. I was so disgusted by the final episode. I had almost forgotten to watch it, but I ended up seeing it, and I wish I hadn't. I couldn't believe that everyone was going out of their way to get Jo to forgive them. It was ridiculous. None of these people owed Joe any explanations or apologies for their behavior. Danny and Lacey did not tell her about their relationship, so ok, I can see why she would be annoyed by that, but the show went completely left when Jo was portrayed as a victim because of Danny and Lacey's decision not to tell her right away and her finding out about the relationship because of the tape. If she was truly a sympathetic or empathetic person, she would have felt badly for Danny and Lacey having their privacy violated and Lacey being treated badly at school. But the only thing she could muster to say was "Oh, Lacey isn't my problem anymore". Uhm, when was :Lacey ever her problem. Jo has painted herself as someone who has been put upon by the problems of others, when that is just not true. She and Lacey were barely at the point of being friends again, so how could she feel so put upon by Lacey. Her mentality is completely insensitive. And the fact that her parents also see her as a victim in this, is also highly annoying. A really caring mother or father would have told her "Look, I understand that seeing Danny and Lacey together hurt you because you have feelings for Danny, but how do you think Lacey and Danny feel having their intimate moments shown to the whole school as some kind of cruel joke." Just because Jo is their daughter, that doesn't mean her ish doesn't stink and they shouldn't give her a reality check once in a while in order for her to view situations more realistically. My daughter is five years old, and yes I love her with all my heart, but I am already getting her to see that she has to have consideration for other people, and she should expect that in return, but it can't just be one sided.

    Also, yes, why can't the audience get a sense of the inner workings of Danny a bit more. For the position he's in, he was more concerned with Jo's feelings and also Lacey's more so than his own well being. I'd love to see things more from his point-of-view. I'l tell you one thing though, I am glad that his mother, Karen, in his corner. They may have had a strained relationship when he was a child, but she will now go out of her way to protect her son, and I like how Denise Richards is playing the role. I feel badly for Danny because it's like he's a pawn in other peoples game.

    1. And the fact that her parents also see her as a victim in this, is also highly annoying. A really caring mother or father would have told her "Look, I understand that seeing Danny and Lacey together hurt you because you have feelings for Danny, but how do you think Lacey and Danny feel having their intimate moments shown to the whole school as some kind of cruel joke."

      And wasn't her mother also aware that Danny specifically stated he was into a girl who was not Jo?

  3. I wasnt expecting for episode 11to go off with a bang and it pretty much was like that on the show. The only part that I enjoyed was near the end.. when Tess was speaking to Vikram and when the Chief and the detective came to the house to arrest Danny. Otherwise, it was the Jo show.

    I'm just amazed on how they can relegate the main ...or supposed main character into the 2nd or 3rd POV. That is like telling people that the character Jason from Friday the 13th isn't the main character of the movie.Danny is the guy who is the supposed sociopath and he is supposed to be the predominate figure on the show. I'm not going to profess to be a English expert, but if Danny is supposed to be the sociopath of his community HE should be the 1st person guy. I mean, I didn't really realize how jacked up this writing was.I admit, I thought that the writers were doing ok with the show, until I began to see more of Jo(too much) and that sex tape scene. I wasn't amused by it..
    Episode 11,was just beyond petty and unreal to me. It was predictable as usual.. all about Jo.

    I thought about what you said about brown love. I still think about what my mom said about Danny and Jo...that they would be together? I believe that the producers /writers want that. I mean,the signs were there:Danny being more expressive to Jo,Lacey blessing out Danny like a dog and of course, Danny telling Jo how special she was. Mind you that Danny is supposed to be a childhood friend, but its like there is a subliminal message in this that Danny will be paired up with Jo.

    This fiasco kind of remind me of what happened to Rain Big and Naomie Harris and they didn't get to at least kiss ! Another person on one of your other blog also made an excellent observation about Twisted and how it's on ABCfamily and not on ABC prime time. Let's say that the show was not family oriented? I still think that they wouldn't put it on there. For one, you have Shonda and Scandal. Even if they put Twisted on another day besides Thursday, the idea of a good looking East Indian/Canadian guy vs the provocative White man in their mixed relationships would be a danger to producers. As you mentioned, the idea of Avan being with this beautiful Black girl wasn't supposed to happen and with those intense beautiful love scenes they had,you know they are intimidated by it. They probably wanted more Black women to watch Twisted but wasn't necessarily thinking that AMBW pairing wouldn't be as fly as B/W .Guess again...lol!

    1. Danny telling Jo how special she was.

      And yet...when push came to shove, Jo wasn't special enough for him to give up Lacey.

      In the vid, he coulda told her whatever she wanted to hear to get back in her good graces but he was up front. She's his friend...almost like a sister.

      There's a theory on the web that Danny and Jo may be related somehow, and there's the consistent linking of Tess & Vikram. I have a feeling Danny knew his dad was screwing Jo's mom, and thus...he just can't think of Jo that way.

    2. @ Ankh: That would be twisted. Lol. I missed this episode. I will only watch the next episode (next season?) if it seems promising. Otherwise this ship has sailed.

    3. *sigh*

      And the most annoying part is that we saw it coming. Like with a train wreck, most of us couldn't turn away.

    4. It will be interesting to see what they do with the new episodes in January which i will not be watching but will get updates from friends who say they will watch the first two episodes, put it this way if its all about Jo they will lose viewers and their won't be a season 3.

      There are a number of things they have to correct in order to keep the audience because i sense a lot of people ready to drop this show likes its hot and not in a good way.First off character development for Danny & Lacey.Show Lacey's family more plus the invisible Clara, and much much more Dacey.

      Make it clear Dacey vid was a heavy make out session rather then a sex tape because this was seriously overlooked even by Jo's socalled police officer dad which is a serious offence and straight out child porn which is why this has to been dealt with.

      To me the whole show smacks of racism and slavery all in one.Yes master ie Jo we think about your feelings because POC don't have feelings they have no emotions they don't even have family and if there is a family crisis you Jo have to know about it first so Lacey can't deal with her personal family's business because its your business eh master Jo and master Jo has to have Danny boy because he can't belong to anybody else but master Jo and Master Jo we have to see you making out with some idoit that you knew about 3 days but of course Master Jo we have to think about your feelings once again.

      When i think about it from this point of view i won't be watching Twisted no matter what i'm Done because this to me is typical of ABCF they may not have people in chains but they use a subtle ways of doing it using POC like side pieces.There is one thing i am happy with people are not putting up with your shit anymore ABCF ie backlash for episode 10 and expect more if you carry on and the message will be loud and clear.

  4. To be perfectly honest from the deepest most truest part of my soul,this show didn't stick with me for to long. Why because one Jo was being focused on to much and the whole "I'm so pure and innocent" Bull Shit worked my nerves to the last string,this Whole "sweet,innocent,pure of heart" White girl thing is beyond fucking old. lets face it the show minus well be called something different for every episode I've watched I've seen way to many frames with jo and not Danny,im not one to be prejudge but when the "P.A.I" White girl is high lighted and the Girl of Color is put in the not innocent light you get sooo sick to death of it.
    As far as i am concerned me and this Twisted Relationship with this show is over. Thank u ABC family for proving what i said was right and keep with your Shows about "White people with problems" *Pops Birdy and Walks away*


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