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I don't know how many of you watched this week's episode of Twisted but dear God...my friend and I were left feeling thoroughly weirded out.

As usual...*spoilers*.

So this week, the Danny/Lacey romance continues but it's taking a really annoying turn in which she continues to insist no one can know about them.  I don't know about you guys, but that got old for me quick.  And I blame the writers for not only insisting on keeping their romance private, but also for not being creative or clever enough to find a deeper, more justifiable reasoning.

To make things worse, after he and his mom wake up to a front yard filled with red jump ropes, Danny gets the non-genius idea to throw a party in hopes people will see him "differently".


I thought that ship had sailed when he and Lacey's secret rendezvous in the park was disrupted by an eerie clan of masked Danny-wannabes.

Okay...first, let's talk Being Brown 101. 1 - Sneaking off to a park (in a predominantly white town) in the middle of the night by yourselves without telling anyone where you are and when you plan to be back? Not likely. 2 - Busting one glass bottle against a tree won't.do.shit when you're vastly outnumbered by bullies.

3 - The last thing a brown girl in this situation thinks is, "OMG...do you think they recognized me???"

Because Lacey's attachment to her friends is getting old, it was great to see Danny's assert himself (unlike with that other train-wreck Blindian couple). I'm definitely appreciating the fact we get to watch Avan Jogia grow as an actor. His facial expressions, his tones, his mannerisms - everything about him continues to exude an increasing maturity. He really is a talented actor and I continue to be surprised by him every week.

I'm also glad we see these two do more than make out. Come on now...as much as we enjoy seeing the two of them kiss let's remember that we don't want their romance to be strictly based on passion. They are growing as a couple, arguing with each other, talking about their lives, comforting each other, defending each other. This is some good writing here, to an extent; the astounding (and steadily increasing) chemistry between the actors is doing most of the heavy lifting, as evidenced by next week's promo.

I wonder if these two get together offscreen and talk strategy, going over movement, tone, and expression in order to be more convincing. Kylie's not being given much to work with; in fact, it seems the writers are often at a loss on how to expand and enrich her character. We haven't seen her character's mother in many a moon, but we're supposed to meet her father soon. Either way, big ups to both actors.

What did y'all think?



  1. Wow! my nephew was turning to Nick and looked at Victorious. Call me a late bloomer( I rarely watch TV),but I didn't know that he was on that show too! Im really amazed at his transition. Some kids who comes from one type of teen show into something else are either typecasted or they have a hard time being taken seriously as adults. For some reason, I really don't think that will be Avan's problem. He's one of those actors that can be taken seriously as an actor and * clearing my throat* as we all can see him on Twisted.

    I admit, much as I love looking at those love scenes( along with Avan's good looks), I wouldn't want to forget what Twisted should be about. Although the show impresses me, my biggest concern for the show is how Kylie's character will continue to be utilized.

    I was thinking about what you said about the producers being at a possible loss on what to do with her character. I wonder if they're thinking that if producers think that their viewing audience only just enjoy Kylie being with Avan for that reason to the point that maybe they don't want to mess up a " good" thing? Don't get me wrong, it's nice to look at it,but I think most producers think that Black women like Kylie don't need a storyline because of it. God knows I hope not. I would like to see more Black female actresses in serious relationships and/or marriages with their characters. I really believe that Avan and Kylie have on the show can be done like that. Ive never seen characters that have a strong connection with each other that I cannot describe. They really are not your average Joes.They can really be described as Romeo and Juliet.

    Like many of you, I would love to know the real Lacey...who she really is, her family, and origins. I would like to see more of Robin's character on there and I would like to see her pops. I would like for it to be a big surprise for us. I was looking at Scandal wondering about Olivia's folks thinking that we'll never see them ( I can't wait for it to come on in October) until that man in the Limo turned out to be her father. I remembered being dumbfounded by him..just absolutely shocked!

    I agree about the the graveyard scene. Not too many Blacks and Asians isn't going to do out business( whatever that might be) and if they are at the gravesite you know what will be next...

    The chemistry between Kylie and Avan is superb.I mean..it's awesome? I believe that they are throrough with what they do. Maybe they may think about their girlfriends/boyfriends and put it on screen...idk. They are so passionate..as I told one commentor..that it makes you wonder if they are dating each other..lol! I don't think they are but let's hope that their chemistry isn't a Eddie Cibrian/Leann Rhimes nummber.

    1. I agree about the the graveyard scene.

      Park scene.

      that it makes you wonder if they are dating each other..lol! I don't think they are

      Kylie Bunbury is seeing Ashton Moio (Rico) in real life.

    2. I guess Ashton has nothing to worry about as long as he see Kylie in the studio and in his face. Not that Ashton is a bad looking but Avan is something else. That may make him still feel a little uneasy. Avan also has a girlfriend. She's probably wishing what she was acting on that show..especially those scenes that Avan and Kylie have.

  2. I'm also pretty done with Lacey's "no one can know about us" deal. She has to know that eventually the ship that is their "secret" romance is going to sink and not be so secret anymore. It's tiring for me and I'm sure other viewers; Danny is getting fed up and I'm sure it's exhausting for Lacey too.

    I think Lacey's characterization is much better than most shows who don't know what to do with poc. But it still leaves so much to be desired. I never understand why writers/producers end up being at such a loss as to what to do with poc characters. Seriously, poc--shockingly --are people too, flawed and all. If unsure about issues such as race and culture, consult someone. It really can't be that difficult to do that with all the resources we have available, expecially if you want your work to stand as something believable and thoughtful.

  3. @Eri
    Seriously, poc--shockingly --are people too, flawed and all.

    On an intellectual level this is an indisputable fact. That's about where it ends.

    If unsure about issues such as race and culture, consult someone.

    I'm sure some would not risk being considered incompetent or unaware of the racial dynamics. Instead, they study how other "white" writers pen POC and "learn" from them.

    This crew might have even listened to POC fans on some level.

    Let the Black girl be popular. Check. Yet, she's so damned insecure about her place in the world, it's difficult to believe she's the queen bee of the school. After all, she fears her valued friends would dump her if they discover her relationship with the hot guy although their murdered friend was always ten seconds away from riding his pole without fearing the consequences.

    Let the Black girl have a family. Check. Lacey has parents and a sister. Mom was spotted in an episode. Sister hasn't been. Father will appear to bring drama of his own and probably won't be of any help to his daughter.

    Let the Black girl have the hot guy. Check. Yet the actor playing the hot guy openly claims the relationship is based on lust rather than love. Forget that his assessment runs contrary to how he plays his scenes with her.

    If everything goes wrong with Lacey, then it's just business as usual. Orange is the New Black treats POC women better and those characters are prisoners.

    Now these folks could twist this all around and give Lacey everything. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

    1. Everything you said is right on the mark as usual. I'm definitely not holding my breath for any of that, just wishfully thinking aloud. It's just that hopes are lifted once you've been lulled into a false sense of security after being thrown a little more than the crumbs usually given in these prime time shows. Best believe every episode I'm mentally tallying the clues as to when the other shoe is going to drop.

    2. I'm sure some would not risk being considered incompetent or unaware of the racial dynamics.

      Or heavens forbid...they get a competent writer of color, and all of a sudden, Lacey becomes even more a fan favorite overnight.

      Your points about Lacey...flawless/ *applause* You nailed everything that is so...off about her. And the fact that much of the story continues to be told strictly from a white POV adds to the fuckery of Lacey's characterization.

      I've been meaning to get into "Orange", but I wanted to make a final point: let's be real. We all know why we're watching this show, for whom, and for what. There are times when I forget the "story" because the brown people locked lips and set my computer on fire.

      The moment the Blasian romance ends...we'll stop talking about it on this blog. As for who killed Regina and what all secrets everyone's keeping...does anybody genuinely care?

    3. It would be nice if there would be another Shonda Rhimes come on the writing scene.Twisted would be a beyond awesome show. The day the romance end.. or if Danny is paired with Jo... I promise you that my love affair with Twisted will be over .

      "As for who killed Regina and what all the secrets everyone's keeping... does anybody genuinely care"? You asked? At least I wouldn't.

    4. "Like honestly, maybe it’s just my opinion, but this show has lost it’s edge. There’s something about it that’s just not full of mystery and suspense anymore. It’s not Pretty Little Liars where A dogmatically terrifies the main cast; it’s not like Desperate Housewives where real horror and black comedy are literally stuffed in freezers or chained up in the basement. No, it’s Twisted and for some reason, it hasn’t quite calibrated its doses of teen angst and menace just right like it first did in the Pilot." ~ Charlie Almanza, GottaWatchIt

    5. Hmmm...I was thinking about what Charlie was saying and he does have a point. I haven't been watching Twisited for that long,but for the time I have,I have not been scared of anything from the series. The only thing that I found that came close to scary was when that Danny lookalike was looking into the window while Danny and Lacey were going to make out. He just looked absolutely strange..too strange to be honest,but overall, I haven't anything that will have me fearing anything..at least of yet. Im wondering if that may be part of the reason that they going to get new writers for the show. I would get them in one sense why they are doing it. Still, Im still skeptical of how these new writers will be.

      Charlie is being hopeful that Denise Richard's character will open the door to the suspense. I'm hoping for the same thing and then some.


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