Blasianism IV, a Twisted Cookie

Regardless of what happens during the finale, I figured I'd go ahead and unveil this while we still had something resembling a good memory of these two.

I think you'll find the song choice bears a certain significance....


  1. I can't help but to be in awe with their pairing.Danny and Lacey are so dynamically well matched for each other that its sickening.I sure thought it was heading that way until ep.10. Though I still love them and their chemistry.. I'm hoping that I can recover from that tragedy from Twisted. Although the series is fiction,the idea of Lacey and Danny's looking cheap just took away the beauty of what should have been a beautiful love story.

    You picked an appropriate song for this clip. I'm not Lacey but I ask the same questions as the singer is when it comes to this.

  2. That was great. {sigh}.

    They are so beautiful together.

    His hands....

  3. I never even heard of twisted before. I'm kinda worried about the romance from what I saw. Is it good romance? From what I see it kind of depict black women as easy, loose, and quick to jump in bed. o.o I'm shocked that this is a teen show. o.o But they are very wonderful together so I'm hoping ABC didn't make her a horrible character. I'd hate for her to be seen as a "lying, cheating, easy hoe" - (comment made by random online person when I googled). I honestly am interested but I'm not one for watching too much fornication with "teen" characters (I know its weird but I have a sensitive conscience) which is kind of why I avoid ABC in general. Tell me if its worth investing my time into. Thank you!

    *double take* ABC Done good with this couple. They are gorgeous!!!!

    1. Oh...honey...where have you been???

    2. Kesia

      I agree. That chemistry that they have have is sooooo incredible , To me , even better than what Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have on Scandal. Their TV romance doesn't seem scripted. Like I was telling Ankh one time, their kiss seems so realistically beautiful to the point where it may make someone else ask if they're dating in real life? ( They're both in relationships with other people. Ironically , Kylie Bunbury("Lacey") dates Ashton Moio ( "Rico"). It's said that Avan Jogia--the guy who you see in this clip who play " Danny" is in a relationship with Zoey Deutch.

      I think what Kylie and Avan have on the show sort of make me think about that song Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie . I loved that song to death because you could feel the love in that beautiful song duet. Just imagine if they made a soundtrack this song along with being in this on that show? That was how felt about Kylie and Avan's characters up until now. The problems that I have with this show..especially episode 10 are 1) Maddie's Hasson's character( " Jo") just being the POV for everybody show, and 2) Lacey. It's not that she's a ho in this series( she's not, period),but if you look at episode 10 you''ll see why a great deal of us were pissed at it.

      You can see some samples of Twisted tonight as they are supposed to be rerunning some prior episode on Tuesday at night on ABCfamily or go on their website.


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