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I'm going to keep this brief.

In terms of Danny (and Danny/Lacey), this week's episode was an obvious fail.  I've already discussed the Lacey situation thoroughly on the Black Girls Club (linked above) and welcome additional discussion there.

Now...at the Bar, a troll tried to tell us that without Jo, there'd be no show, to which Siah replied, "Wait, I thought without Danny there would be no show? I guess the whole "murdering his aunt" thing is a mere footnote."

When I first tuned into Twisted, I was intrigued by not only the premise, but by the presence of the central character, Danny Desai.  Like it or not, he's the point of the entire show.  And when I referred to the consistently watering down of the episodes since the pilot, I realized what's watering down the show - Jo Masterson.

ABC has pulled the ultimate bait and switch, lulling brown audiences in with the extremely good-looking brown guy who's fallen for the stunningly beautiful brown girl...only to zero in on the white girl's life. Somewhere along the line, this show went from being about a mysterious, charismatic 16-year-old boy who returns home after doing five years for killing his aunt...to being about a 16-year-old white girl's coming of age story as she reacts to a mysterious, charismatic 16-year-old boy who returns home after doing five years for killing his aunt.

That alone is sufficient grounds to stop watching.

Now, I'm not surprised by this; white writers have a tendency to latch on to the first white character they can identify with and then just run with that character, usually right over everyone else. This show has gone from being about the mysterious Desais to being about the Mastersons and personally, I'm not that interested in the Mastersons. And while I knew Lacey's characterization was going to get screwed over one way or another, sooner or later, I didn't think the erosion of Danny Desai would begin this quickly. I mean, I knew it would happen eventually because it that's the way Hollywood rolls, but I didn't think it would be in Season One after just a few episodes.  Like...has anyone noticed that watching the first episodes versus all the ones after is like watching two completely different shows?

I don't know what Season Two and the new writing staff will bring, but all's I know is that they need to bring it.  Because while I remain enthralled by what Avan Jogia can do with very limited material, my interest in the story has basically gone out the window.


Also I want to mention how offensive it is to me that when two brown people have their privacy horribly violated, everyone's tripping over themselves to find a way to keep the white girl from getting hurt.

This was an epic fail. What the about the destruction of the brown girl's reputation? Where's the concern for her privacy and her feelings? Why is she being written as someone who doesn't care?  News flash, ABC - we do care when someone does this. Women - all women - are violated and mortified when someone does something like this to us.

But then again...that was the whole point wasn't it?
This episode was basically useless: it didn't advance the main plot, and it didn't significantly alter any relationships between characters except in the final minutes, with the big reveal. It was, instead, lazy and offensive, content to coast on stereotyping and cheap humor as a means of filling out air time. Twisted unknotted itself significantly last week, and I was hoping that would mean making steadier progress, but if it keeps going on like this I don't know that I'll want to keep up with it after all.

~ Zan Romanoff, The Jewish Journal


  1. The latest episode of Twisted was beyond awful.... a total fail as you mentioned. This was exactly the gripe that Marona and me talked about. I guess the good lord was trying to tell me to stop watching this episode because my brother wanted to discuss another show with her.I should have told him to proceed with the conversation because this was a terrible episode.

    I really didn't like this past Tuesday's Twisted at all. I mean, what happened to Lacey? I hate that the show made her look like a desperate ho. Now that more Black women are being put as lead and into mixed relationships,I just feel that the new (or it necessarily new) way to lure more viewers and to keep Black women as leads is to do that and I'm not liking that idea.

    It seems that they are trying to make Jo a more worthy character than Lacey and Danny. Slowly..and even stereotypically, they are trying to make her a difficult woman. She is skeptical about Danny to the point where she won't be sympathetic to him or hear him out ,yet Jo didn't trust him either, but she goes to court and express her love for him.Then, Danny tells Jo that they had something special. Maybe Jo is a special friend, idk,but to me, its like the show is saying what Jo has is true love while as you mentioned.. Lacey and Danny has is just no more than a booty call.I don't like that.

    Oooh..this episode just made me so sick! I'm trying to be patient for 2014,but I don't know.I'm so turned off by that episode, I'm not sure that I can stand to look at it.The only parts of it that I liked was when Danny's mom had to put that school board member in her place ,Rico and Doug(I knew it wouldn't be the known characters to video tape her) .Otherwise,episode 10 sucked badly and I commend Zan for his commentary. He is sooooo right!

    1. It seems that they are trying to make Jo a more worthy character than Lacey and Danny. Slowly..and even stereotypically, they are trying to make her a difficult woman. ...Then, Danny tells Jo that they had something special. Maybe Jo is a special friend, idk,but to me, its like the show is saying what Jo has is true love while as you mentioned.. Lacey and Danny has is just no more than a booty call.I don't like that.

      Nor do I. And now Lacey's the booty call caught on tape.

    2. It was deeply disturbing to watch. I cannot even summarize in a cohesive paragraph all of the problems with that last episode, nor the characterization of the friendships/relationships. Mind-boggling... and offensive. Shockingly so.

  2. And there's the other gyatdamb shoe. >_<

    1. I know, right? And we can't say we didn't see it coming.

    2. Yup. That train is NEVER late.

  3. I am so angry about this and I don't think I can forgive the writers for this and keep watching, especially since one of the promos for the next episode have Danny and Lacey being worried about Jo's feelings and wanting her fucking forgiveness for not telling her they were dating. Bullshit. I could breathe fire I am so angry. It's not even that Jo is being elevated about all, it's HOW it happened. First outing a gay man against his will and then via a sex tape that Jo wasn't even in?!

    1. First outing a gay man against his will and then via a sex tape that Jo wasn't even in?!

      YES!!!! I shudder every time I even think of the scene with Lacey's dad - I can't even watch that ish.

      And why the hell are the brown people apologizing (to a white girl) for having their privacy violated (by some creepy white dude)? The promos show Danny apologizing, trying to convince Lacey to come with him to go apologize to (read: beg) Jo, and Lacey blaming herself for bad decisions.


      Dark Danny needs to come out and wreak bloody vengeance on the school.

    2. This I don't agree with. Sorry. He had 14 years of Lacey's mother's life to "tell". Why do people never feel empathy for the woman who lost her youth and opportunities for real love? He was living a double-life and in order to protect that double-life, he was neglecting his children. Can we rethink this issue, because it is bigger than being politically correct.

    3. By all means - let that conversation come about between him and his wife, not Jo. Hell, yeah he needed to come clean, but the writers could've had Judy or Lacey or even the Invisible Clara walk in on Mr. Porter - not Jo. This was just another scene to prop Jo up as the shining moral compass, enlightening the wayward brown folk.

      And let us have the dad - and mom, and sister - for a few more eps before going, "Here is Lacey's dad. Lacey's dad is gay. Goodbye, Lacey's dad."

  4. I am basically so appalled at the latest episode, I can only say that I agree with everything this person said:


    Sorry don't know how to make it clickable..

    1. That's ok,.I just typed the main web address and it took me into it.

      I also send my big ups to "Blockbusterism" for the crap we dealt with on Tuesday. He(I assume) summed up the possible feelings of most of the fans of Dacey. Episode was absolutely sloppy.

  5. This episode made me feel physically ill. I believe the most effective way to get things to change is to write to ABC Family and let them know exactly what we thought about it and the lack of character development Lacey in particular has been experiencing. I personally am upset that both she and Danny acted like they didn't even care about each other anymore. I am upset that it was so out of character for Lacey to not worry about the tape getting out until she found out it would affect Jo. I'm upset that Jo was never going to tell Lacey about her crush on Danny until THIS episode, but Lacey didn't tell her about Dacey because it was over, yet Lacey is being set up to look like a bad friend. And I am upset that the video of Lacey and Danny being intimate getting released is all about how poor Jo will be affected. I wrote a snail mail letter to ABC Family (under the assumption that it will be noticed because so few people actually write entire letters these days. Please please join me in advocating for our concerns.


    WEB: You can express what you’d like to see for Lacey. Be positive, polite and use good spelling/grammar so your note gets taken seriously. http://abcfamily.go.com/feedback

    MAIL: If you are up for mailing a letter, send to:

    ABC Family P.O. Box 3000 Neenah, WI 54957

    PHONE: 818-460-7477


    @AdamMilch <—-Main Contact







  6. Danny and Lacey don't have a damn thing to apologize for. If anyone should be apologizing, it's that creepy little fucker who filmed them in the first place. And I know that Doug is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things but damn it, I want Danny to fuck this kid up even more than I want him to beat Archie's ass. And what the hell happened to Danny being all creepy and weird? The last time Danny did anything remotely disturbing was when he and Lacey nearly had sex on Tara's grave and he smirked as soon as she left. That was three episodes ago! I love this show to death and I'll probably keep watching regardless of what happens because I'm that pathetic. I honestly don't think the show is gonna go the Janny route. The writers may have fucked a lot of things up at this point, but I don't think they're that stupid. But if Danny doesn't stop being this tragic hero type of character and at least maim someone in January (because you know the summer finale's gonna have him all sad and pathetic), I'm gonna lose my fucking mind! *sighs*
    I've heard something about the show getting new writers. Hopefully they'll at least try to make up for all this bullshit. Or they'll just make it worse. Fuck...

  7. I will say one thing don't think the writers are going to be an improvement Charlie Pratt Jr the guy from the Lying Game Cancelled All My Children Cancelled all produced by this guy.I'm already done with this show, it was the first show i was really invested in especially Dacey it was bad enough when they split up in episode 9 which gave me a sickly feel but Tuesday episode was the final straw.It felt to me like they played with us all knowing they were going to spring this crap on us.What annoys me most is the way promos advertised this as 3 leads but it seems its all about Jo POV pathetic they lie big time. Adam Milch truly underestimates his viewers they will not be sticky around to watch Jo and family already people have unfollowed on twitter and ABCF had to close down the comment section plus the youtube because of the outrage.

    1. Wow... I knew that ABCF was going to get some negative letters about episode 10, but I didn't expect that. It must be really be bad when they had to close down the comments section of YT and unfollowing their Twitter account, but I understand their utmost disgust at the show.

      I mean, Jo has to have a say so in everything until its not funny! Lacey and Danny can be on Mars and Jo can be light years away from them and ABCF will some how make her to be the predominate figure of that show.That has got to be the craziest thing that I've ever heard of. Though they are supposed to get new writers, I'm not terribly optimistic about the future of the show .As long as you have writers that base their lives of Black women on stereotypes like the ones we seen on episode 10, it isn't going to work.

      I'm going to try to see it during 2014 season, but after 3 episodes if the POV and plot continues, I promise you that I will be so done with that show.

    2. already people have unfollowed on twitter and ABCF had to close down the comment section plus the youtube because of the outrage.

      Got any linkage?

    3. I don't think the comments were ever enabled on ABC Family Youtube videos in the first place, so not sure if this is true?

  8. I haven't been able to catch up on my episodes yet, but from what you're saying, I think I'm done with this show - at least for now. I don't really care about a 16 year old white girl's high school angst. And I still can't wrap my mind around the whole Jo outing Lacey's dad thing. Does this chick have NO boundaries? What the hell gives you the right to interfere in a family's private matters - matters that the adults are clearly DEALING with? Also the sex tape - are they kidding me with this shit? The reason I started watching Twisted is because of its dark subject matter....then I kept up with it because of Lacey and Danny. Since ABC Family doesn't give a damn about either of these themes, I'm out. Hell, Avan Jogia seems to have more sense than the writers.

  9. I already said this on TBGC, so I'll just copy and paste:
    I still haven't seen the episode and probably won't since I don't watch the show, but I've seen enough commentary around the net to almost feel like I have. I get the anger and frustration. The writers have done a grave disservice to all of the characters IMO. To use something so banal as a sex tape as the Big Reveal to Jo that her friends were involved is laughable. The writing staff should be embarrassed. Hell, I've read better fanfiction than this. I expect this kind of over-the-top plotting on a soap opera, not a primetime TV show.

    To use such a blatant, horrible invasion of privacy as a plot device to out two of the characters affair to another character is beyond decency to me. Teens that age have committed suicide in RL when the very same thing has happened. What kind of message is the show trying to send here? And I won't even get started on the fact that Lacey wasn't upset about the tape until she found out that Jo found out and is now crying WWT. And from the previews that are floating around on Tumblr, Danny now thinks they should apologize to Jo? For what? She's not the one that had her privacy violated. Sloppy, lazy writing.

    ABC done woke up a sleeping giant. They better fix this fast. Hawthorne got cancelled quick because the writers pissed off the fans with that whole Christina/Nick affair/shooting storyline (terrible storyline). The ratings plummeted and the show never recovered. And that was an established show in its third season. This one is still in its infancy, right?

    Nope...gonna have to pass on this show. I'll check out Sleepy Hollow in Sept. Nicole Beharie is the only female lead, so...yeah. Same with Scandal. It seems that if we have to share screen time with a WW, we always come up on the losing end.

    1. Can you believe that Gavin Polone before episode 10 aired said (its the best episode ever) yeah i repeat the best episode ever, this coming from one of the producers says a lot about where this show is heading as for the new writers don't hold your breath on that, can't see any improvements for Lacey & Danny or Dacey for that matter. Charlie Pratt Jr interesting surname because that exactly what he is, his not POC friendly so i'm not expect a 3 season from this show as i said before i'm already done with it. its a shame because it had real potential.

      It also appears that they plan to put Danny and Jo together romantically just goes along with there twisted theory when you consider that Danny refered to her as being like a sister.Anyway i would never stay to watch that boring combination.

  10. Is anyone else concerend that this show has set up a Madonna-whore dichotomy bewteen Jo and Lacey? Where Jo is the sweet, innocent, fragile, virginal white girl thats needs to be protected, loved and eventually married... while Lacey is the sexy, slutty, dark-skinned temptress that you just sleep around with? I really hope that Danny and Lacey have not had sex yet (the video needs to be just heavy making out) for this very reason.

    1. The Jezebel, who is very free with her body. I think they were making out... I hope.

    2. It wouldn't matter if they had sex or not. It's implied that they had sex. That doesn't remove the stigma attached to Lacey due to her "relationship" with Danny. She could have simply smiled at him and it would be deemed too much from a black girl. I'm glad you caught on to the Madonna/Whore thing going on. It was absolutely disgusting. Now I know why they made Jo such an annoyingly naive and gullible puppy-dog character who thinks it's appropriate to make an expulsion hearing all about herself.

    3. It wouldn't matter if they had sex or not. It's implied that they had sex. That doesn't remove the stigma attached to Lacey due to her "relationship" with Danny. She could have simply smiled at him and it would be deemed too much from a black girl.

      Boom - this is a good point. Also, by the comments made from the other characters in the episode and the promo, it sounds like there was hella more than just making out.

  11. I do think it makes a difference in how much of a line was crossed. In Maddie's latest interview, she said they were making out. I wonder if she was told to say it was making out and not sex that after all the backlash.

  12. Guys two really fun live interviews from the cast. I'm not including the 3rd one (on Spreecast) because the host was a total douche.

    Maybe you can post?

    This one is gold: http://www.cambio.com/2013/08/20/couch-sesh-twisted-cast-live-video-q-and-a/

    The second one: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/archive/segment/twisted-stars-on-fame-miley-cyrus-and-staying-grounded/521bb590fe344444720009ba

    Now... will this change anything about the finale that had already been filmed? No, I still expect that Lacey's character will be unprotected and for there to be a backlash, but these PR moments could make some of us feel a little better seeing the rapport the cast has with each other. They're like the real-life version of the 3 TWISTED kids before "Danny" went to Juvie.


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