Yes, John Cho matters on "Sleepy Hollow"

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Here's some homework: I challenge you right now to Google "John Cho".  Narrow your search to "News."  Now, narrow it further to anything from the past week to the past month.

Don't worry.  I'll wait.

If you've had my experience, you'll notice there's next to nothing to write home about.  Why's this so odd?  Sleepy Hollow debuted two weeks ago on FOX and, to quote another site, it decapitated the competition, instantly becoming the network's highest-rated premiere in twelve years.  John Cho is on the show, has appeared in all two of its episodes so far, and yet according to Google, he might as well have not bothered.

Why aren't more people talking about his role?

Mind you, the question is mainly rhetorical; after all this is moi you're reading.  Years ago, while drafting Folklore, and Other Stories, I discovered what I immediately dubbed the Skip-Over-the-Asian-Guy Effect.  It happens any time an Asian male is not only present in media, but he's relevant in some way - a main character, writer, director, composer, rapper, what have you - but he's immediately glossed over...just 'cause.  Mind you, folks don't always go out of their way to insult him.  They just tend to not even notice that he friggin' exists.

***Spoilers Ahead***

In the first episode, John Cho is introduced as Andy Brooks, an officer in the Sleepy Hollow police department (or Sheriff's office, whatever). When the Headless Horseman is raised and starts his rampage, you briefly wonder if Cho just showed up to the set as a favor to the writers (kinda like he did for them in the last two Trek films). Then you find out he's in league with the Horseman and the demon who raised him.

And then he dies (in a pretty fucked up-looking way), and you figure, yeah...he was just doing them a favor.

But then in the second episode, Cho's character is brought back to life by his patron demon and sent on an assignment to unleash the Monster of the Week.  Meanwhile no one - and I do mean no one - seems to notice his body's up and vanished from the morgue (go figure).

Okay now, right when he was raised from the dead, near the beginning of the episode, I figured Cho was a hell of a lot more relevant to the show than I initially figured (which is awesome; he was one of my main reasons for watching in the first place).  Then he continued to appear throughout the episode, in the kind of role I've never seen him in before.  It's so weird!!!!  And since as of this last episode, he hasn't been killed off (permanently, anyway), I'm assuming we'll see him yet again and he may even become a member of the main cast.

My point?  Where this show is concerned, dude matters, and since we're not used to seeing John Cho in a role quite like this one, there should be a hell of a lot more chatter than the crickets we're hearing now.


  1. I was so angry when **spoilers** they killed him off. Then they brought him back and I was like this is awesome! But then I noticed no one seemed to care he was hanging around. It was actually my husband that was like "why hasn't anyone noticed he is missing?" I was like, you know you're right. I agree with your points completely. He is being completely overlooked.

    1. Then they brought him back and I was like this is awesome!

      Especially since he was shirtless.

  2. I figure if the Forces of Evil can fake video footage of Andy's suicide, they can cover up his missing body. And is it really missing? Maybe there's a body in the bag and no one bothered to open it? Besides, everyone is suspect in Sleepy Hollow. How do you know Capt Irving (who was mysteriously not answering Abbies many phone calls when she needed him) didn't do something to cover it up?

    1. I figure if the Forces of Evil can fake video footage of Andy's suicide, they can cover up his missing body.

      Good point! I briefly wondered about that.

    2. The Forces of Evil can do anything, especially in regards to their human familiars. And there is the fact that no one can see Andy. So he can literally do anything. If it is his job to unleash Hell on behalf of his handler, then...

      I do love that he's remorseful as he goes about his demonic chicanery.

    3. Wait, did I miss something? No one can see him?

      I like his regretfulness too, but I find it contradictory. He regrets the little boy has his father's name and is a risk of being flame-broiled by the witch...but what does he think will happen when his handler unleashes hell on earth?

  3. I'm so excited Andy's back. Though it does look bad for some of the cast. Poor Morales gets scared off and ... recruited? He's necromancer! This show just gets better and better.


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