Music Artist Speaker Series: Dion Trinidad Interview w/ Robert Darrien

1. Dion, you are very skilled and incredibly talented, what inspired you to write and get into the music industry?

Thanks! I was always surrounded my musicians growing up. My parents always pushed my siblings and I to do music. They would always tell us time to time that when we were still in mom’s womb, dad would always lay his hands and pray that all their kids would be able to sing and play instruments. It’s a bit different from most people’s “push” to music, but I’m thankful.

2. How would you describe the music that you make? What would you want your listeners to walk away with after hearing your music?

I love “LOVE SONGS” and everything about it! Love brings people together, and I just love being around crowds to sing about such a powerful thing. And it’s always a plus when you get to sing to the ladies. *wink*

3. For someone who doesn't know your background, what would you want them to know about you?

I am an artist that aspires to make a difference in the lives of people of third world countries. I run an organization called “Smile for Hope.” I figure that the way to make a change in the world, is to make an impact in hearts, minds, and lives. Singing in different events, venues, and any place that would hear me out allows me to share the vision of my charity. I’m also a portrait photographer that leads photographers, make-up artists, volunteers for Philadelphia. This year, we will take part of Help-Portrait Worldwide to take photos of broken families, homeless, addicts, and anyone who wants a picture. It all comes back to love – I want to let people know that they matter, regardless of what mistakes or hardships comes in their life. There are plenty of people in this world that love and care for people, and there’s no harm in sharing it!

4. Who are some of the artists that influence or inspire you?

Earth, Wind, & Fire, Colton Dixon, and Robin Thicke! I love singing mid-range into falsetto, might I add the ladies love it! So guys out there, give it a try! Haha!

5. If you had an opportunity to collaborate or work with another artist, which artist or artists would it be and why?

I would love to sing with Kina Grannis! I’d love to collaborate with any artists who have similar vision to make an impact and share nothing but good things to the world.

6. Last but not least, what future projects are you working on that you want to share with your supporters??? Albums, singles, websites, future collaborations... Etc...?

I am actively working to share Smile for Hope to anyone who will lend an ear! I want to get into more events to sing and tell about my cause to help bring smiles to people in third world countries.


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