Being Black African and Female in Japan

Via Black Tokyo


These videos are on African women living in Japan and their experiences from Tamarahco Hen Productions. The interviewer, who is a white American living in Japan, poses several questions to these women such as, how have you been received by Japanese women? by Japanese men? by non-Japanese women? non-Japanese men? What kind of questions are you asked? The videos are a bit long but worth seeing, in my opinion.

I personally enjoy coming across African views on others, we come across so many views from outside looking at/on Africa and Africans but really hardly the other way around. And there is no end to the white European and USAmerican views of Japan, which are actually celebrated in shows such as NHK World's "Cool Japan" so this is a breath of fresh air.

Apparently the producers are looking to interview more Africans in Kansai if you know any. More videos below the cut.

he producer would like to build on this collection. If you know of any Africans in Kansai that may be interested in participating this educational series, please tweet (@blacktokyo) or email (blacktokyo1@gmail.com) in order to receive the producer’s email address. She is especially interested in the older experience (i..e., people past college age). Please be sure to leave feedback - See more at: http://www.blacktokyo.com/2013/10/09/life-in-japan-being-black-african-and-female-in-japan/

I had to leave a comment on this one because she's born in England to Nigerian parents, and unlike the other women she is much older. She spent so many minutes talking about her identity which I felt was only for the benefit of the interviewer, I felt she shouldn't have to tbh the classic "where are you really from" question. I enjoyed this interview in particular, but they translated "kowai" as "cool"...doesn't that mean "scary"?

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