Changes in the Narrator Line-up

It's that time of the year.

As usual, every so often there are comings and goings among the Narrators.  Which works out for anyone interested in writing.

Aside for the usual "duh" requirements (African women, Asian men), we ask that you first and foremost be a writer or a vlogger.  You need to love writing and be actively involved in blogging, vlogging, poetry, prose, and so on.  You need to have creative ambitions like working on novels or screenplays, and building a preferably Blasian fanbase.

This is a platform where you will have a voice - which is the defining point of a narrative.  You don't have to talk about complex historical, political or sociological stuff.  You can just talk about what matters to you as an Asian man or African woman. 

Or you need to be a Chatty Cathy, with a million opinions about news, sex*, music, and other media.  Which brings something else to mind: if you like interviewing people, we've noticed plenty of folks would more than love to be interviewed for this site.  They just need someone to make the time to talk with them.

We also prefer you be in your mid-twenties and up, but if you're mature and knowledgeable, then age ain't nothin' but a number.

If this interests you, hit us up here or on Facebook, whichever suits you best.

*We'd really love to have a sex columnist at the Narrative.

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