#EvilJohnCho FINALLY returns to #SleepyHollow

Dude never should've left and I'd rather he didn't leave again.

My only big complaint with Andy Brooks's appearance in this episode was, ironically, his appearance.  Actor John Cho is one of the best-looking actors in Hollywood approaching forty, and he should be allowed to flaunt it.  The neck thing has gotten old.

On the other hand, some of my wishes have come true.  When Abbie's ex Luke pulls a gun on him, Brooks, shows some shiny new lightning fast reflexes, dropping Luke to his knees and putting the gun to his neck in a flash.

Later, in the tunnels, when Brooks is talking to Abbie and Ichabod warns him to never return otherwise there will be "consequences," Brooks is like, "Dude...don't threaten me."

I'm like, "Really, though!  The man's already dead!!!  What is you gon do?"

Anyhoo, now that the Headless Horseman is supposedly trapped, I want Brooks to become a full-fledged bad-ass demon.  The speedy moves are awesome and all, but I want to see his good looks restored and to have him preferably rock a suit.  Or some jeans (remember how John Cho looked in jeans on FlashForward?  Hubba hubba!)


  1. This recent episode of SH was a good contrast from the Sin Eaters.I'm also happy that John was one there. He should be in all of the episodes of it.

    You took the words right out of my mouth. John really showed himself . I just loved how he stood up to Luke. I almost thought things were going to get uglier than how it already was. It was like Abbie was a damsel in distress and Andy was her knight in Shining armor.

    I want to see how this next episode of SH is going to be like.Since you can't kill off the headless horseman,I wonder how he (the horseman) will be rid of? Yikes!

    1. Yeah...they ended the episode rather suddenly.

  2. Yes to John Cho. John Cho for president. Naturally, they had to destroy JC's neck or he'd steal...hmmm... even with the neck thing, he still stole all the scenes. I suspect that's why they don't want to let him do too much Star Trekin. Every time, I peep at my ill-begotten copy of Darkness, I fast forward to Captain Sulu.

    I usually don't pay too much attention to fan commentary because I'm just not interested. One comment, posted by a Tumblr buddy, made me giddy. Chick was mad because all the men on the show had a vested interest in protecting Abbie. She can't understand why because Abbie's a strong Black woman who doesn't need anybody. Ichabod, Andy, Luke, Irving and all those dead guys think differently. Welcome to Abbie's Harem, John Cho even if you have to cart around the name Andy Taylor. Sorry, I meant Andy Brooks.

    1. John Cho for president.


      Naturally, they had to destroy JC's neck or he'd steal...hmmm... even with the neck thing, he still stole all the scenes.

      LOL - yes, he does!!!! He is so charming, so charismatic that it just shines through layers of makeup and CGI. They neck to fix his neck and turn him into a recurring bad-ass demon!!!!


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