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by asieybarbie
You're not imagining things.

Last night confirmed something which - and I really was not expecting this - officially brings Sleepy Hollow into Blasian territory.

I was not expecting this.  Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie were exhibiting great chemistry and humor, and I wished their BWWM ship all the luck.  But then, it was noted how Andy Brooks (the great and powerful John Cho) has been trying to save Abbie since the pilot, and it was confirmed last night that he has "unrequited feelings" for her.

This comes as a pleasant surprise (even though we know they're just doing it to convince us the white people really, really, really love each other).  Cho is much more convincing here than he was on FlashForward, possibly because his character Brooks is a lot more interesting.
Now, on to what the show did really really well this week: ANDY. I seriously hope that wasn’t the last time we see John Cho, because he’s been great. I was really there for his tortured, please don’t trust me stuff, and I honestly feel the unrequited longing for Abbie way more strongly with him than I do with Morales. He also got to do some great work as Death’s mouthpiece, with the black eyes and the twisting head and everything. Plus, in the end he took the initiative and saved Ichabod, kinda, and managed to gasp out a really sincere-sounding “Tell Abbie I’m sorry” as he went poof. He also does the best snapped-neck acting I’ve ever seen.

~ Leah Schnelbach, The Necromancer Chains Death! Sleepy Hollow: “Necromancer”
In addition to some exceptional acting, last night revealed/reiterated more talents of Brooks; he's apparently a Necromancer; he can speak to and for the Headless Horseman...in a big, booming voice, no less.  Brooks also speaks German and some Celtic dialect; he can also read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (apparently) and cast spells.  And even though he's visibly dead, wearing beyond unflattering clothes, playing a demon's minion, I'm increasingly in awe of this man.

All I ask now is that they restore John Cho's beauty, put him in a suit, and elevate his character into a bad-ass independent demon...like the kind who has minions.


  1. This show gives me life! I have died and been resurrected seeing Abbie treated as someone coveted and to be protected instead of the strong, black woman who never suffers vulnerability.

    And that art sums up my fan girl fantasies I've been having about this show.

    1. I think I was in denial because even though men were lining up to protect this woman, it wasn't sinking in. We don't typically see this, so when we do, it takes an extra moment (or month) for it to register.


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