Move over Katy Perry; I'm trying to watch TLC

“I am obsessed with Japanese people, I love everything about them and they are so wonderful as human beings. I’m so obsessed I want to skin you and wear you like Versace.”

~ Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel in 2012 (go figure)
Let's not kid ourselves.  People like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen, and [insert utterly worthless white public figure here] - with their kimonos and blackface and bastardized twerks - know exactly what they're doing.  I mean...if you can't be good at your job you might as well suck so bad that people will still talk about you enough to keep you in the public eye, right?

Notice that damn every blog post about the AMAs is about Katy Perry.  I was just going to ignore this "music" award show like every other.  Hell, if I hadn't seen For Harriet's post on Facebook, I wouldn't have even known that my girlhood idols and Lil Mama performed at friggin' the AMAs.

So let me get this straight; the black girls gave a flawless performance, but the white girl wore a kimono and a shitty wig...so that's all we're going to talk about.

Excuse me?

How was that not the major headline?

If you wondering why I'm so furious right now, it's because this is the primary reason why I started the Blasian Narrative, to address how Africans and Asians are treated by American media.

In one night, the long, complex history and varying cultures of Japan were reduced to a white girl's little fetishy playground, while a legendary black girl group's beautiful performance went relatively unnoticed (Google AMAs right now.  I dare you).

Excuse me, but girls these days don't know nothin' about this.

Now...I've vacillated back and forth as a Lil Mama fan, but this performance sold me once and for all.

Her confidence, her presence, her movements, her flow - I loved it all and I am so proud her. Left Eye was one of my all-time favorite rappers and I think Lil Mama was the perfect choice to portray her in the biopic and to spit her rhymes on stage. Her performance actually made me emotional, and I will be rewatching the AMA performance over and over and over again.

RIP, girl.
Last but not least, inspired by a commenter on our Facebook, let me again say "RIP Aaron Vu", the 10-year-old who took a bullet when some fools try to rob his parents' nail salon. Good luck seeing any national outrage on that one. By all means, let's go into a massive uproar about a white person doing some racist shit on a day that ends in Y while yet another child succumbs to gun violence.



  1. Wow, I didn't even know the AMAs had come on. Thanks for sharing this. Once again, the media has disregarded one of the most talented singing groups. And the story about the young boy who was shot, just tears my heart apart!! Robbing a nail salon! And again, he will be disregarded by the masses. Poor baby.

  2. I haven't watched the AMAs in two years and even when I did, my viewership for it was spotted. The latest one was so generic and predictable until it was pitiful. I'm sooooo tired of Taylor Swift taking home she didn't deserve. As said, on here the focus should have been on TLC not Katy Perry. No disrespect to Rihanna, but that award also should have went to TLC and my last rant is about Macklemore. Kendrick Lamar should have gotten the best rap/hip hop album of the year. The AMAs just sucked! The show was a sham and I'm glad that I didn't watch it.

    1. I'm sooooo tired of Taylor Swift taking home she didn't deserve.

      Ooh, preach. She needs to go.

      The show was a sham and I'm glad that I didn't watch it.

      Exactly. Sham is the perfect word. The industry decides whom it wants to have a career, and then "awards" them accordingly.


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