Music Artist Speaker Series: Tam 'Level' Kim Interview w/ Robert Darrien

1. Tam 'Level' Kim, you are very skilled and incredibly talented, what inspired you to write and get into the music industry?

When I was around 12-13, i hung out with Capitol D, who is part of BFR, and saw that him and his friends were rapping. It looked cool, so I wanted to prove I can rap. After writing the raps, I felt that what I wrote shows a creative side of me that I never knew. Also, writing lyrics was also like writing a journal so Im putting my real emotions into music, but just wording it differently.

2. How would you describe the music that you make? What would you want your listeners to walk away with after hearing your music?

The music I make varies. It depends on the beat and topic I want to talk about, but in a hip hop perspective, Im a very metaphorical emcee. I didnt release any solo songs yet, but when I do, I like to make more personal music that people can relate to. When I do, I want people to walk away thinking this artist is going through the same obstacles in life as me and hope to touch them. And when they are going through that situation, they can put on my music to use it as a emotion reliever.

3. For someone who doesn't know your background, what would you want them to know about you?

I'm an asian american, half cambodian half vietnamese, hip hop artist from New Jersey that grew up in a hectic home. My mom have gotten mental breakdown when I was 12 years old and have been sick ever since then, so my dad had to move us into an urban area where I stayed in an apartment by myself where I had to take care of myself at an early age.

4. Who are some of the artists that influence or inspire you? The main 3 artists that inspired me the most are Tupac, Eminem and Joe Budden. Their music inspired me the most because you can hear the pain, passion, and what they go through all in their music. So many can relate to them. 5. If you had an opportunity to collaborate or work with another artist, which artist or artists would it be and why? I would love to work with Eminem and Joe Budden because their music made me into the artist I am now. I'd also love to work with Kanye because he's like a music genius to me with his beats. Also, working with Asian Artists such as J-Reyez, Thai VG, and Dumbfoundead would be real dope. I love what they are doing musically and they prove alot of people wrong about asian emcees. 6. Last but not least, what future projects are you working on that you want to share with your supporters??? Albums, singles, websites, future collaborations... Etc...? We just dropped a mixtape called "More Than A Mixtape" with my rap group called BFR. Its more like an album but its a free mix tape with well-known artists such as Freeway, Joell Ortiz, Crooked, legendary producer Rockwilder and also local artists Sleepy Keyz, Mike Maxx and Jawaan Larue. I'm working on a solo E.P. and More Than A Mixtape 2 which will include asian artists JL Jupiter and Joanlee, and also some more well known artists in this country which I can't name yet. You can find alot of our music on www.youtube.com/bullfightTV and follow me on twitter, instagram, and facebook @tamlevelkim. We will have a official site for BFR soon. Thanks!


  1. You are on a roll, man! How are you running into all these awesome people? That track was somethin' else!

    1. >>>>> Reaching out to quality, interesting people who are pushing forward after what they want. :)

  2. Man keep grinding cuz making the movement come true


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