White Writers vs. the rest of us.

First, let me apologize for not posting anything on here recently. I do post minimally for personal reasons but I intended to write this a while ago so sorry about that.


This article was a good read.

Its interesting when a culture, country, or group of people are the backdrops to any story. Minus the creative input of the writer, the actuality of what is referenced can be a double-edged sword. It is much easier to put familiarity in a story as it draws readers to sum up their own understanding and relate to the story much more easily. However, when done can either provide an accurate or inaccurate picture that resides far beyond the last page.

Now, as if its not already known, we live in a white-dominated society (insert "I have a white friend so I'm not racist" trope). This means that the standard in many things (fashion, music, education, movies, books, etc.) are predominately of white faces with some POC sprinkled in, for equality purposes of course.

This is not to bash my lighter skinned brethren and sisthren (butchered that probably) but it is to bring you to the understanding that even things that are culturally different are still held to a standard that puts the different at the opposite end of the handicap. Whether it be history, culture, customs, languages, beliefs, etc., are understanding of what should be our own is hyper-criticized compared to our peers and colleagues. Not to say that their work is less creative or tainted in any way but more to say that our work is under-valued and greatly overlooked in comparison. 

If you are still unconvinced, look at what politicians say about rape victims. Its uncanny that politicians, who have more than likely never been raped, will tell to a rape victim (in the bulk of discussions) that the fault is their own and never the rapist.

Speaking of another's something is always touchy but putting it over the other's simply because the different is more matching is foolish, showcasing a broken standard that looks not to be equalized anytime soon.

Christopher Phiouthong
Chrispy AKA Kon

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  1. It's written! I was expecting vlog! Good job either way, man. Great points. 'Cause when I first read about Bill Cheng getting the side-eye for writing a novel about rural Mississippi I was like, "Oh, STFU and sit down."


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