It Must Be in the Water or Something #blackpoweryellowperil

(h/t Jules)

And to think people thought Narratives like ours were in vain....

And so the conversation continues....


  1. There is also #BlackPowerLiberAsian. AAGU members have been participating in both and is more inclusive of all Asians.

    1. AAGU is Angry Asian Girls United on tumblr, it's how I found out about the other tag.

  2. I love where this is going. No, sites like this are always needed and its certainly is not in vain. Its impressive to see how many people are reached by them. I hope that you all will keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you! I'm Chinese, Indian, Jamaican, it's nice to see cultural unity. I try to bring awareness about the natural unity between Asian and Black people but, sometimes I come across resistance and personal attacks. Like the Jamaican motto "Out of many, one people!" Let's spread the love and acceptance of others. :)

  4. You're from the future, A. So where did you park your time machine? Can I try it out?


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