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...I do find Asian men to be attractive and no amount of white supremacist propaganda is going to tell me otherwise. It takes courage to go against the ingrained racist/white supremacist ideology decrees says that white men are the most desirable men on the earth, which is false because I grew around men of color my whole life and I see Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, and Middle Eastern men in diverse professions, personalities, and families/cultures. I am fed up with the lies of white supremacy/racism in America and abroad.
Who says love can't conquer hate?


  1. Cuz nothing will win me over to your side faster than calling a man of my race a racist slur.

    What a winner.

  2. I commenced S.with her quote and I loved what she said in her post.

    There are many men that I may find attractive, but White men aren't the only guys to be attractive. This guy seems to got an ego out of this world. It's like his feelings were really hurt because one of his women found an Asian man to be hot. I can imagine what is going through his delicate mind..."What does she see in that guy?" He's probably thinking that he's White and Asian women are so be hypnotized by who they are.

    Unfortunately, he isn't the only ego driven man to think that way. To say that you find an Asian man to be attractive/sexy is like saying that you got hit by lightning.. it really hurts their feelings and I do blame White supremacy for this. You can say that a White woman is dating/marrying Black, White, Latino ,Native American, Samoan or Middle Eastern man and while some of them may hate it but for them to be with an Asian men is very threatening.. and baffling. They'll think you're nuts, don't take you seriously or just don't get it. With the exception of Indian guys (at least with me), they just don't get it.

    White society may want you to worship them in the relationship department but I don't. They're not the only race of men to get my attention and with the kind of ego that some of them have about themselves , I sometimes find them to be the least attractive.

    1. Typo-meant to say" commended S.Baldwin for...." in the very first line of my post.


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