DramaFever: Prince of Lan Ling

Personally, I prefer historical dramas (*looks at Jules*). I have to admit...this one looks pretty good.

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  1. I knew I'd find a way for us to have our cake and eat it to.

    Behold...posting the vids - and their autoplay - after the jump.

    1. You have my attention.

      "[Prince] who was said to be so beautiful that he had to wear a mask when fighting in battles."
      +2 bonus points.

    2. If you're not already watching it, I recommend you do. The first episode had me doubled over in laughter.

      First off, I actually like the shero in this one. She's actually a shero, and the actress has EXCELLENT comedic timing. In the first episode, she comes across the prince bathing and mistakes him for a woman. She goes on an on about how "perfect" he is and dubs him "Pretty Lady", then says they should bathe together and be best friends. He keeps twisting and turning and refusing to speak, so as to hide the fact he's a man, and the actor convinces you how awkward the situation is. The shero keeps talking, going on and on about how it must be fate (still oblivious to the fact he's a guy), and then they're suddenly surrounded by enemy soldiers who were tracking the prince. Our (still clueless) shero is appalled at all these men trying to peak at the "Pretty Lady" while she's bathing, and rushes forward to defend the Pretty Lady's honor.

      At that point, I straight up lost it.

    3. OOOOOOH, it's Ariel Lin! That's why. HAHAHAHAHAHAA yes I love her.

    4. ....you know my weak spots.

      I really do.

  2. Yay!!!! DramaFever got back to me and taught me how to turn off autoplay!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. In the embed code, the DramaFever link appears twice. Make sure it looks like this:


      The end is particularly important.


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