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Mm-hm...that's right...Pygmy conquered autoplay (...with some help from DramaFever's developer staff). For some reason though, I can't seem to put more than one DF vid in the same post.

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    1. Which one are you referring to? Not all are K-Dramas.

    2. That top one- with Peng on the cover, lol. I'm too lazy to google for it.

    3. That's the Taiwanese drama, if I recall correctly.

  2. Running Man is seriously the best show on TV anywhere. I keep thinking as new episodes are made that I'll be bored of the whole thing (and admittedly some episodes aren't as funny as others) but I'm always laughing out loud several times in the show.
    - Reply 1994 is really good, though not quite as good as Reply 1997

    1. I love Running Man. I even went back and caught up on the first 3 years of episodes that I missed. I laugh so hard. If anyone wants to start watching RM and needs episode recommendations let me know.

  3. I potentially watch more foreign tv than US shows. Right now I'm into You From Another Star, Can We Love, The Prime Minister and I, Let's Eat, Age of Feeling and I Need Romance 3. My favorites from last year were pretty much anything SBS or tvN

  4. Love Running Man! I can't wait to watch INR 3. I loved the first two, so hopefully I will like this series. I just got finished watching Master's Sun and I really enjoyed that one. So Ji Sub...le sigh.

  5. Why didn't somebody tell me that Scent Of Love (Korean version)was that sad?! It certainly wasnt my intention to pick a sad movie and it was said that it was a supposed romantic comedy .They lied.

    Anyways, I wasn't aware that I watched part two of S.O.L. and plan on watching one whenever time permits. Nonetheless, it was good and sad at the same time. Basically, In-ha is reminensing about the love of his family and continue to share those memories with his little girl. It reminds me of 1 litre of tears and Love Not Having To Say Goodbye where everything seems to go right for the loving couple.. and then boom! ..tragedy strikes. The only difference being is that the characters was dealing with a third party..a child.

    I rarely cry watching movies by I almost did with S.O.L because it's painful..spiritually,mentally and even physically (w/Hiu-jae). You have to definitely sympathize with her as she had a bout of pain from her cancer and her distraught husband doing to best he can to eliviate her pain in his attempts to give her morphine shots and not wanting to hurt the baby. I was even more saddened towards the end when she was giving birth to her daughter. I was the cheerleader cheering for In-ha..I so much wanted Hui-jae to live She tried to fight to live to see her newborn daughter and husband but you just knew the good lord had a place for her. I just felt bad for In-ha.He was supposed to celebrate the birth of his daughter but instead celebrated that event along with Hui-jaes death. I guess S.O.L seemed more profound to me because I knew a woman did the same with her newborn daughter and died at in the birthing room of breast cancer.

  6. Has anyone seen Matsumoto Jun's new drama, Shitsuren Chocolatier? I don't use drama fever but that drama is one from this season that has stood out to me so far.


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