Interview with Tia Ferrera, an Excerpt

Knew I was forgetting something....

Miss Ferrera, I found about you when SDM reached out to the Blasian Narrative (probably to talk to Robert) about a collaboration you two did. For those who may not be familiar with your work, tell us a few things about you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ankhesen!!! My name is Tia; I'm a Pop/R&B artist from Northern California. Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a singer and a few years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to put my all into obtaining my dream. I walked away from a very successful career, nice car, big house, etc. to move to LA and pursue music.

The track in question, “Kept My Head Up”, is amazing. I’ve watched the video dozens of times and I noticed you and your wonderful voice right away. How did you get involved? How much writing/composition did you get to contribute?

Thank you so much! SDM is like family; we've collabed on a few songs. "Kept My Head Up" was just special from the first verse he said to me. We wrote the hook in a few minutes really just about the different struggles we were both goin' through at the time hopin' people could relate. I'm glad it's got such a good response.

What inspires you when you write music? What made you write “Keep it Movin’” and “Ladies’ Night”?

I get inspired by the most random things sometimes; a conversation, an argument, a break up....  Sometimes it's what I've experienced or even what I've seen someone else experience too. The concept for "Keep It Movin" came about from a convo; I was talking to one of my girls about this whole "wifey" thing and guys kind of using "I'm gonna marry you one day, girl" as a way to be with a girl but not be fully committed.  In the song Jasmine Nichol and I are like nah been there done that...Keep it Movin.... The twist is that there's actually a guy (artist Sixx) on the song giving his perspective as well, 'cause you know it's not always one-sided.

With "Ladies Night" I just wanted to make a song about how I think women feel sometimes.  There's pressure to be this or do that, be a perfect mom or wife, or look like this or that...I'm pretty much sayin forget all that!!!! It's my night I'm gonna do what I wanna do how I wanna do it tonight, LOL!!!

So in your videos “Keep it Movin’” and “Ladies’ Night”, there’s a lot of choreographed dancing. Who choreographs for you? Are you formally trained?

Yes, I work with Talissa James; she's the choreographer behind both "Ladies' Night" and "Keep it Movin'". I did take dance classes when I was little, but this level?  No, not until I met Talissa; she really pushed me.

Read the full interview At the Bar.

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